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Apple iPod classic 7th Generation Black (160 GB) MP3 Player Product Reviews

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Apple iPod classic 7th Generation Black (160 GB) MP3 Player

Brand: Apple
Rating: (4.13)
Reviews: 8

Awesome! (Report Review)
Sep 05, 2011 by Naj
Consumer rating: (4)
I finally took the plunge to purchase an iPod Classic 160GB model after years of putting it off. I've had a good deal of mp3 players (especially grey market or international models) so there were features I had grown accustomed to that had me hesitating. I wanted large capacity. I like to have all my music (or most of it) wherever I go. I wanted a simple interface. Decent sound is important but the music I listen to isn't "designed" for the most pleasant of auditory experiences. The iPod has all of these features. It's exactly what I need. Not exactly what I want but that's life. What could make it better? For one, it should act exactly like a hard drive. 160GB in my pocket should be more useful than just a music player which also digresses into another possible feature: the ability to upgrade the drive itself. I knew this ahead of time when I purchased the player but it's a point that needs to be made. Proprietary formats/designs only hinder customers. Apple, for all that it has done to make computing 'easier' for mass market consumers, continues to try and control the way they use their products. Another point on that, music organization on the iPod and in iTunes is definitely not as flexible as I'd like. I'm a nerd when it comes to my mp3s. I want them organized in such a manner that there is a minimal amount of folders with the maximum amount of organization. Creating a folder for every single artist (regardless of how many songs of theirs I have) only makes for lengthy searches through the menu. I'm happy with the way the iPod performs according to Apple's design. There's nothing here that says poor manufacturing or hurried design. I just know that it could be better.....One word - Capacity! If you have a lot of songs/videos/movies from iTunes, you won't be dissatisfied. Has the "classic" click wheel. I love it. Screen has good resolution and size for movies, and videos. I listen to music mostly, but long travel distances, allow to me watch and listen. I placed it in a switcheasy case immediately. This is also a very good case for looks, style and use. There are also games and audio books that can be added for your pleasure. I have one book downloaded. No problems reading from the screen, for me. Other apps included are: calendar, contact list, alarms, clock, stop watch and 3 games. One down side for me. It is heavy. You will feel it in your jacket or pants pockets.
Pros:  Can play hours of Music and Video!
Cons:  It is Not Lightweight!
Endless Memory! (Report Review)
Aug 28, 2011 by rickrusselrocks
Consumer rating: (5)
I was visiting my brother back in germany a week ago and he had this device, at first i didn't know it was an iPod, and when he told me the amount of memory it has, i didn't believe him, but now i do believe him! I wish i had one of these, (but i already have an iPad 2) because it basically functions as a 160 GIG EXTERNAL STORAGE DEVICE, i mean, all the songs i have (which fill up my whole 16 gig iPad) will fit 100 times over into this iPod, and that gives you something to think about, the only thing is that it ONLY does music and videos, no internet or apps, it only has endless memory, music and video. So here's the bottom line: if you are a music and video lover and don't care for other extras like internet and apps then this is the iPod for you because you get endless memory ( i mean who uses 160 gigs worth of vids and music??) to store all the music and videos you want to play it all probably for a couple days. You should probably also save some money in the budget for a case and screen protector because i heard the screen breaks easily.
Good for the car. (Report Review)
Aug 24, 2011 by Colton
Consumer rating: (4)
Ipods have been around for quite sometime now and they are only getting better!

The only thing comparable to a ipod is a zune and they both run very nice.

The thing I like about the apple ipod is how easy it is to use.

When using the apple ipod I feel like I can just browse through each category of music so easily compared to some of the other devices out there.

I also love itunes with itunes you can literally browse music all day until you find the song that you were looking for.

I also like the volume option on this device because I'm able to turn it completely loud or completely quiet depending on what I want.

The only downfall about this device is that the battery doesn't last as long as it used to but that's just a sign of the battery getting older I would imagine.

With 160gb's of storage you can basically shove anything you want in the device and still have plenty of extra room.

If you're looking for a huge music storage and playing device I don't see how you couldn't look at this one.

It's simply huge and works amazingly well and is great for the car!
Pros:  Great for the car,
Works great,
Big Storage device,
Good LCD screen
Cons:  Battery dies frequently.
its a lifesaver (Report Review)
Aug 24, 2011 by golfcartdriver
Consumer rating: (5)
First off, I only use this iPod sometimes when y brother is around- for he has one of these iPods. ITs truly a lifesaver, i just recently got a macbook pro and THIS iPod is the one that helped me to populate my iTunes library, its a very good, long lasting iPod that has a CRAZY MUSIC CAPACITY.

If you are one of those guys or girls that keeps on putting music on your iPod and not worrying about the affects it might have on your memory capacity, then this is the iPod for you, i mean it truly NEVER RUNS OUT. i put my whole iTunes library on it and it barely made a dent and it was 28 gigs worth of songs 0_0. And thats not all, i play the sitar, which is an instrument from my culture, and all my recordings are done on this iPod, seriously i do every single recording on this iPod with an external mic that you can buy pretty much anywhere at an electronics store. Let me tell you, the sound quality is amazing, truly amazing so if you are a person like me, then you should get this iPod without hesitating! :)
Good (Report Review)
Aug 23, 2011 by Neon
Consumer rating: (5)
This is a great product. 160 gb of memory. That is absolutely amazing. If you buy and Ipone 4g with 8gb it is around $200. This is $250 with 160 gb! That's a great deal if you just want to listen to music and watch videos all day. I bought this for my cousin who is only interested in music and not games. So this was more suitable for her than an Iphone 4 was, and she already had a phone. So for a bit more she was able to have 152gb more memory for songs. This comes with your standard looking ipod classic look. It has a big screen. It comes with the standard mouse. That has 4 directions which do different thing and a center button. It has a earphone jack(obviously) and a hold button. The hold button makes sure that you don;t accidentally press any button when you're listening to your song. The quality of the ipod is very sturdy and durable. It comes in many color, but the black one probably look the bests. Putting songs in this is very simple. You plug this in with the cord that comes with it. Then you basically drag and drop songs into the folder. You will almost never run out of memory because its 160gb! That's like 1/3 of my computer's memory. 2gb holds around 500 songs that are 3 minute each. So this can hold 40k songs. Just imagine that. 40,000 songs. But like most people you probably won't sotre 40,000 songs, and instead will put in some pictures and videos in it. This is a great deal. If you simply want a device that can play music and watch videos then , really I assure get this.
Pros:  Tons of memory
Not the best iPod (Report Review)
Aug 22, 2011 by jonathon
Consumer rating: (3)
So I bought this on eBay for $150. I thought it was a good price since there's soo many space on this iPod and I have so many songs on my iTunes. My first impression is it's a little too big. I thought it would be like an iPod nano but it's alright. The way it works is like an iPod nano though. Overall, it's good for the price that I bought it.
Pros:  - BIG SPACE! You can upload soooo many songs on here unlike other ipod.
Cons:  - So I searched the price of it now, and it costs $200-300. That's a little bit expensive. I would rather buy an iTouch for that amount of price.

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