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Treadclimber Product Reviews

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Brand: Bowflex
Rating: (4.25)
Reviews: 4

Great Workout (Report Review)
Aug 29, 2011 by tona37211
Consumer rating: (4)
We are both very aware of the importance of keeping our heart rate in the target zone (not too low and not too high) while excercising, the speed control and the heart rate display makes this very easy to do.

Instructions are not that clear, but if you use the pictures and think a bit before you tighten something anyone should be able to assemble this (does take two people for a couple of steps).Both of us feel much better and so far we each look forward to our exercise day.Wife is doing 3 minutes of tread mill 15 minutes of tread climber, and 3 minutes of tread mill.Each of us has lost several inches and has experienced modest weight loss, 5 pounds for me, and 7 pounds for her in 3 weeks.Week 3 I am doing 3 minutes of the tread mill, 24 minutes of the tread climber, and 3 minutes of tread mill.We have put the Tread climber right in the middle of the living room so we can watch TV, or have a conversation with each other as a routine part of our exercise.This was a very conscious decision our part to ensure it did not become out of sight, out of mind.We have continued the every other day routine to ensure our bodies have a day of recovery.2nd week I started with a 3 minutes of treadmill, 18 minutes of tread climber, and finishing with 3 minutes of tread mill.We went with this one because it has the heart monitor display built in, and we wanted to ensure we did not over do it.The machine arrived as scheduled; assembly took about 2 hours (1 bolt missing, but I had a one that fit so was no problem).We bought this because the Dr told my wife she needed to lose 50 pounds to ensure her diabetes could be controlled.We watched the DVD and read the operating manual before we ever got on it; neither of us are in too fit so the first week we just went about 20 minutes in treadmill mode every other day.Wife increased her treadmill time to 25 minutes.
Pros:  monitors your heart
Good but not great. (Report Review)
Aug 24, 2011 by Colton
Consumer rating: (4)
This bowflex tread climber is very good for your everyday work out you will find your self sweating and keeping your heart rate up if you use it for extended amounts of time.

It works great as advertised however after a year or so you will find your self having to buy replacement parts for it.

I'm completely fine with routine maintenance however this treadmill goes a little beyond that you will almost be forced to buy replacement parts if you have my luck.

However this is a very nice treadmill and I don't think you will find one that is very much better simply for the fact that it's much easier on your legs and joints compared to others in it's class.

If you keep with it every day and stay working out on it I'm sure you'll see results because it really does do a good job it's just you really have to stick with it.

The best parts about this tread mill is that you have complete control over the speeds and your workout which makes it much better on you because you go at the speed you want.

I highly recommend this treadmill to anyone looking for one just keep in mind that you might have to some maintenance to it a few years down the road.
Pros:  Nice for walking,
Works your heart,
Runs well.
Cons:  Could have been made a bit stronger.
Lovely Machine to do exercise at home (Report Review)
Aug 14, 2011 by Blue Eyes
Consumer rating: (4)
I have gained extra weight due to lack of exercise daily, and my doctor advised me for some exercise after diagnosing diabetes. He addressed that I can easily control my diabetes without using any medicine, but only I have to adopt tread-climber.

It has a very beautiful structure and easy to use for men and women. My wife is also taking exercise in her free time in home, and she also has lost extra fats. I have bought this machine from an online market, and it is surprising that its delivery is exactly on time.

I have spent about two hours to assumable this and make it ready to do my first exercise. I have faced a problem only to understand its instruction manual, but I have internet facility at my home.

I have searched any problem on the internet related to this machine. I also received a DVD for some basic exercise, and I think this is one of the best options used in its packing. I have done exercise for about five minutes in the starting, and I have to go to a twenty-minute session after increasing two minutes weekly.

It can work as treadmill as well as the climber, and both functions are working at the best. If you are exercising twenty minutes climbing, then you have to do three to five-minute treadmills.

This ratio must be same for each set of time usage for climbing. I am concerned to the heart rate during exercise, and if I feel that it is increasing abnormally, then I have to take a rest for the couple of minutes. I like its heart rate display and speed controller, and if I feel any deficiency I can make a sudden decision to stop the exercise. This machine is one of the most useful inventions, so it is highly recommended.

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