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Dell Inspiron Mini 1018 4034CLB Netbook (Clear Black) Product Reviews

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Dell Inspiron Mini 1018 4034CLB Netbook (Clear Black)

Rating: (3.33)
Reviews: 3

good little netbook (Report Review)
Aug 26, 2011 by tessanoel74
Consumer rating: (3)
I had a desktop catch fire recently so we were in the market for a new computer. We took our time browsing the ads and the internet looking for something within our price range for weeks. One day we were talking to the neighbor about us being in the market for a new one and mentioned that she could get us these at a discounted price through her work. We jumped on the offer and actually ordered 2 of them. When they arrived and we took them out of the box, the first thing i thought was, "oh my gosh, how cute are they?!!" . Lol. So my husband proceeded to set them up for us that night and found that even though he was doing the same thing to the both of them, they did not download things the same way. Till this day, he still can't figure out how to get the second one to work like the first one. I mostly use the netbooks to check email and print coupons. They both run pretty slow but the one with the issues runs slower than molasses. I can, however, watch shows on Hulu on them though so that's a definite plus.
Pros:  small size, big display for the size of the netbook, full keyboard, extra usb ports, card reader
Cons:  heavy for its size and slower than molasses.
Good Netbook For The Price (Report Review)
Aug 11, 2011 by tona37211
Consumer rating: (5)
When it comes to a netbook, there are a number of options available to you. For one, I like to start with the processor speed of the netbook. I look to see how fast the netbook is and what I am going to be doing on the netbook. If I am going to be only using it for documents, I will opt for a slower netbook but if I want to play video games, then I will choose another netbook that is going to be faster and be able to keep up with what I am doing.

The Dell netbook is great since it offers a faster processor since it is 1.66 GHz and has 512 KB cache. This is important to make sure that your netbook is going to be able to keep up with what you want to do while online. I love this netbook that is for sure.

The netbook comes with 1 GB of DDR memory that operates at 667 MHz when working. The 250 GB hard drive is good for storing my documents and much needed information on. I like the fact that the wireless card is mini which means that it will take less space for the wireless card and this helps to keep me online when there is a wi-fi connection present.

The 10 inch widescreen display will allow me to see the whole picture when online rather than just a picture here and there. I like that the graphics are as good as they are. I like to see all the colors of a game that I am playing when I play the game. This is so true for all the games out there that are now operating a wide spectrum of colors.

The netbook comes with Windows 7 and also features a 6 cell lithium battery which lasts me quite a while when I am on the internet and working online. I love this netbook all the way around and would definitely recommend to a friend of mine.
Pros:  Smaller size
Cons:  Could use some extra features
Netbook with the worst display (Report Review)
Aug 09, 2011 by Blue Eyes
Consumer rating: (2)
The Dell Inspiron Mini 1018 Netbook is not an appreciable product, due to its worst resolution and many other flaws. Its resolution is written as 1366X768 which is a big blunder, while its actual resolution is not so much. I have purchased this device from an online market on a discounted price. I have read that it has a very good resolution and crystal clear result, but when I have received this electronic device, the reality was different.

However, all the specifications are true about this except resolution. It is only a normal standard product, and cannot be raked to higher stars. Some other errors are also found in this device, like it may stop working during you are using more than two or three programs at once. The general quality of this product has been reduced due to the worst display and other minor errors. I do not like the method to access the internal RAM of netbook. It is not a simple process; rather, it requires a technical series of processes for accessing.

I prefer to have other models of different brands, because they do not show the same problem. Other brands are also present at an affordable price with maximum functions and easy to operate a facility is also there. In this case, I have purchased a new netbook to increase the storage, but it was different as written or mentioned in the advertisements.

The screen result of this mini is very dim, and I hardly found a word when I am working in the field. It can be used inside the room with less sunlight available there. I also oppose to investing money in this mini, because its processor is very slow, and mostly it will be in hanged position. Similarly, many other faults are present in this Dell Inspiron Mini 1018 Netbook, so I strongly reject this product.

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