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Hoover F74529000 Upright Steam Cleaner Product Reviews

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Hoover F74529000 Upright Steam Cleaner

Brand: Hoover
Rating: (4.00)
Reviews: 3

Hoover F74529000 Upright Steam Cleaner (Report Review)
Sep 01, 2011 by lahiri22
Consumer rating: (3)
The Hoover F74529000 Upright Steam Cleaner
is really not that great of a product. The main thing that gets me about the Hoover F74529000 Upright Steam Cleaner, however, is the fact that it is so noisy when you turn it on. The motor is ridiculously loud and will definitely be a problem for those who are noise sensitive. I find that I need to put in a pair of earplugs whenever someone turns the Hoover F74529000 Upright Steam Cleaner on in my house. I also think that the Hoover F74529000 Upright Steam Cleaner
is too expensive for what it does. A smaller hand vacuum could probably do the same (except for the steam) for a significantly lower cost and also would cause a lot less background sound. A hand vacuum only costs a fraction of the price of the Hoover F74529000 Upright Steam Cleaner. Overall, I would not recommend this product unless you are dead set on getting a vacuum cleaner that has the steam option. Otherwise, I would suggest getting a smaller hand vacuum instead as it will get the job done.
Cons:  - cost
- noise
A very nice cleaner. (Report Review)
Aug 24, 2011 by Colton
Consumer rating: (4)
When I initially bought this steam cleaner it was on sale so I couldn\'t pass it up because the price that it was on sale for was nearly 50 percent off.

I used to have a model before this hoover and the improvements on this particular model are fantastic!

This thing can really clean! If you have stains on your carpet or dirt consider it gone with this thing.

Power and suction is not a problem as long as you have electricity this thing is good to go.

The spin scrub is absolutely incredible it does such a great job and it seems to clean every bit of my carpet and remove all stains.

The water tank on this unit is pretty small though so if you have multiple rooms to clean like I do you will find your self emptying the unit and refilling it every few minutes of use.

I highly recommend using the hottest water possible when shampooing your carpet because it makes it work much better than using cold.

If you\'re looking for a very good steam cleaner I don\'t see how you couldn\'t have this one on your mind because it does an amazing job for the price.
Pros:  Cleans well,
Easy to push,
Does a great job
Cons:  Small tank
Cleans Up Stubborn Stains and Messes (Report Review)
Aug 19, 2011 by tona37211
Consumer rating: (5)
I have bare floors in my home in regards to tile and hardwood and I have carpet in some areas of my home as well. When it comes to cleaning any of my floors, I want to use a machine that does the work for me. If I wanted to get down on my hands and knees and clean the bedroom floor (which is carpeting) I would have not purchased a machine. I use the Hoover steam cleaner because it does all the work for me. I do not have to go behind the steam cleaner and do anything because the steam cleaner has left no work for me to do.

In many cases, when you use a steam cleaner on hardwood floors or tile floors, there is always a trail of water left behind but with the Hoover steam cleaner, I do not have a trail of water that is left when the machine is turned off. I like this about this steam cleaner. I can actually use it twice as much since it does such a wonderful job. There is no reason for me to have to mop my floor or do any of that type of work since the steam cleaner does it for me.

I like the price of my Hoover as well. There are a number of other models and brands that will allow me to do so much more but when it comes to what I need to have done, this is what I need it to do. I do not need it to do anything else other than what it is doing. That is why I love the cheapness of the system compared to others as well as the fact that it does such an amazing job at cleaning up behind my 3 sons and pets.
Pros:  Is cheaper compared to other brands and models.
Cons:  Has no on board attachments

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