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Classic Cordless Percolator - 4 to 12 Cup Capacity Product Reviews

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Classic Cordless Percolator - 4 to 12 Cup Capacity

Brand: Cuisinart
Rating: (5.00)
Reviews: 3

Love, Love, Love This Percolator! (Report Review)
Aug 29, 2011 by Cherokeemoon
Consumer rating: (5)
If you have memories of sitting at the kitchen table with your grandmother while she was waiting for the coffee to finish "percolating" as she called it then you will love this appliance! It's a touch of nostalgia with a modeern twist!

Becasue it is cordless you can take it with you anywhere in your home that you need to so no more being tied to the kitchen waiting for the coffee to be ready. This is very convenient to carry with you to the bathroom even when you are getting ready in the mornings!

I love the stainless steel design and there is just something very pleasing to the senses when you can see and smell coffee that is being percolated instead of dripping out of what always seems to be the endless drip of a Mr. Coffee machine.

I am always getting compliments on it when I have company over for coffee and the clean up is a breeze since it all fits in the top rack of the dishwasher. I highly recommend this to anyone that really enjoys a good cup of coffee with a bit of nostalgic twist to it!
Pros:  great tasting coffee, very nice looking
Cons:  none
How to Carry Your Coffee Around (Report Review)
Aug 11, 2011 by DanaS
Consumer rating: (5)
If you have ever wished to be able to take your coffee maker around then the simple solution would be to get the Classic Cordless Percolator - 4 to 12 Cup Capacity. This is the kind of coffee maker that is unique in more than a few ways that make it a must have in any home or office. It features include a possible capacity of between 4 and 12 cups. The Classic Cordless Percolator - 4 to 12 Cup Capacity also has a beautiful stainless steel finish and a no drip spout. It has a stay cool bottom and there is also a transparent knob that can be used to check on the brewing process. There is an indicator lighter to alert you when your coffee is ready and the handle is also comfortable on the hands. The power base is removable and comes with a part for storing the cable.
Pros:  The greatest advantage of this coffee maker is that it is cordless. This means that it can easily be moved to your desk or table and from there you can pour at your convenience. The large capacity ensures that a single brew of coffee will serve quite a number of people. It also means that you won't waste too much time having to brew a fresh batch of coffee. The stainless steel finish is not just attractive to look at but is also quite effective for retaining heat. This ensures your coffee will stay hot for longer without having to be reheated. The no drip spout will prevent any accidental spills or drips and the stay cool bottom ensures that you can place this percolator anywhere without worrying about damaging the surface.
Cons:  This percolator is not programmable which means you can't personalize it and its price is also a bit on the high side although it is value for your money.
Percolated Coffee or Espresso to Go (Report Review)
Jul 27, 2011 by DGSFreelancer
Consumer rating: (5)
Originally, I had to return one of these Cuisinart coffee percolator to the store since the plug in did not work when I first tried it, and the store policy was an exchange. However, so far so good, this 12 cup percolator has been making coffee for me for the last year and a half since I first exchanged it.
If you like percolated coffee then this plug and go Cuisinart coffee maker serves it purpose well. It is made of stainless steel; it percolates hot coffee or espresso, and even has a glass knob so you can see the colour of the coffee. It sits on a detachable power base, so you can easily carry the percolator around to serve your coffee drinking guess at the table or counter. Once you set it back on the power base, the coffee is kept warm.
With a traditional look in stainless steel, not only does it make a good coffee or espresso, it looks nice sitting on the counter or table in the kitchen. Not only do we get compliments of the coffee or espresso we serve, the percolator also gets compliments about its look.

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