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Scunci Effortless Beauty Skinny Plastic Headbands, 4-Count Product Reviews

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Scunci Effortless Beauty Skinny Plastic Headbands, 4-Count

Brand: Scunci
Rating: (4.50)
Reviews: 4

My sis wuvs dis! (Report Review)
Sep 17, 2011 by awesomeguy
Consumer rating: (5)
This is so awesome! more people should try it!
Pros:  Its a friggin hairband! SPAZ ATTACK!
Cons:  NONE
these are okay.. (Report Review)
Sep 17, 2011 by briidope
Consumer rating: (4)
I use the Scunci Effortless Beauty Skinny Plastic Headbands, 4-Count when I just have something brown or black in my outfit. Nothing special. The Scunci Effortless Beauty Skinny Plastic Headbands, 4-Count are good for keeping fly aways out of my mouth and off of my cheeks and eyelids. I just throw these on to add something else to my outfit. My daughter also uses these. The Scunci Effortless Beauty Skinny Plastic Headbands, 4-Count are cheap and easy to find anywhere. I wish they ad more designs because sometimes these pull at my hair. They can also be uncomfortable sometimes. Overall, these are not my favorite brand, but will do for some occasions. They need to make the bristles smaller and less pointy so that they do not stab me when I am putting a headband on. I also find that these break pretty easily if you are not careful. I have already lost about 2 of these things due to snapping. Anyways, I would recommend these if you are not looking for anything super stylish or permanent. Be careful because your hair might be pulled out.
Pros:  cheap
Cons:  break
they hurt
not many colors
I like it (Report Review)
Sep 09, 2011 by divas12321
Consumer rating: (5)
The Scunci Effortless Beauty Skinny Plasstic Headbands is a really convenient hair product. I use it occasionally only, when I feel like getting hair out of my forehead or try to do a new hairstyle. First of all, it\'s cheap. That\'s always a good thing. The Scunci Effortless Beauty Skinny Plastic Headbands work really well. It\'s just like any other headbands in my opinion. Nothing different. I don\'t really know what else to say. It works fine and it makes your hair stay in place which is a good thing. Sometimes the pointy things can hurt you but to me, it kinda feels good. I\'m really weird like that. A suggestion I have is that I think they should try doing more colors maybe? That would attract the little kids to buy their products. But overall, it\'s a good buy for me.
Pros:  1. It's super cheap. You can't go wrong with buying this.
2. It keeps your hair up in place and won't fall easily
Cons:  1. The pointy things kinda hurt but I like the feeling of it which is good for me.
Scunci Effortless Beauty Skinny Plastic Headbands, 4-Count (Report Review)
Sep 08, 2011 by lahiri22
Consumer rating: (4)
I think that the Scunci Effortless Beauty Skinny Plastic Headbands, 4-Count are a great hair styling product that ought to be a staple in your collection of hair styling tools and accessories. I like using headbands to keep the stray wisps or hair out of my face, but the problem with some of the tighter-fitting headbands is that they leave me with a headache if I wear them for an extended period of time. The annoyance of having to deal with the headache is probably even worse than constantly having to brush the stray hair out of my face. This is where the Scunci Effortless Beauty Skinny Plastic Headbands, 4-Count come in. I think that the Scunci Effortless Beauty Skinny Plastic Headbands, 4-Count are great because they fit securely on your head, and thus, are able to keep the stray strands of hair out of your face. But at the same time, the Scunci Effortless Beauty Skinny Plastic Headbands, 4-Count are not super tight, so you will not end up with one of those headband induced headaches.

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