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Hamilton Beach Food Processor Product Reviews

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Hamilton Beach Food Processor

Brand: Hamilton Beach
Rating: (4.67)
Reviews: 3

Great processor at reasonable price (Report Review)
Nov 05, 2011 by dizzyreviewer
Consumer rating: (5)
It took me for what seemed forever to hop on the food processor train. Finally, I had an epiphany that I needed one and began to research brands. I was going to go for the most expensive brands at first like cuisinart and kitchen aid. But, lucky for me I found great reviews on the Hamilton Beach Food Processor and decided to give it a try. After all I wasn't even sure I would like a food processor (duh, I absolutely do now). When I received mine I didn't waste anytime. I first tried out the slicer. Easy to install the slicer blade on top and away I went. Shoving everything I could into the feed tube. Carrots, Celery, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, zucchinis, onion and bell pepper. Everything sliced beautifully. Next, I tried out the cheese grater. Wow, super fast and effortless. I have since made mashed cauliflower (faux taters), pesto, hummus, salsa and all sorts of things. Nothing is too hard and I have never had a single problem with it. The blades remain sharp. There is suction cups on the base and it doesn't budge. It has pulse and a constant blend mode. I simply can't not live without it and I am so glad that I chose the Hamilton Beach model over the higher end models. If mine ever happens to go out, I am replacing it with the exact same model. Oh and mine is a pretty black one.
Pros:  Low and reasonable price (I paid $35 for mine). Blades stay sharp. Feeder tube for pouring in liquids and for feeding cheese and veggies. Suction cups on the bottom so the unit stays put. Comes with several blades for slicing, blending and shredding. Fast motor with no slow down. Durable plastic bowl and lid. Locking feature for safety.
Cons:  Short cord. Has to be place right next to power source
Hamilton Beach 70610 Big Mouth Food Processor (Report Review)
Oct 13, 2011 by briidope
Consumer rating: (4)
I bought the Hamilton Beach 70610 Big Mouth Food Processor a while ago because of all the decent reviews I found online. I erally needed a food processor because I like to puree vegetables and other foods. This was a great price for the product of its size. The Hamilton Beach 70610 Big Mouth Food Processor
is durable and easy to wash. I often use the Hamilton Beach 70610 Big Mouth Food Processor to chop nuts and put them in pies. The things that you can put in here are endless. You do however, have to be careful when you use the Hamilton Beach 70610 Big Mouth Food Processor because the blades are sharp. I was amazed when I could put a whole slice of bread and it would completely shred to pieces to make the best bread crumbs. I rate the Hamilton Beach 70610 Big Mouth Food Processor a 4 because I think that it would be better with buttons instead of a knob. But everything else is great and I would recommend this to anyone looking for a great deal. The even better thing is that I bought this for around 40 bucks when it was on sale! Buy this and you will not regret it.
Pros:  shreds just about anything
can fit alot of stuff
Great food processor! (Report Review)
Sep 07, 2011 by leslienguyen25
Consumer rating: (5)
I got this after my Cusinart food processor died. I had the cusinart food processor for more than 3 years so i guess it is time for me to get a new one anyway. anyways, i bought this for around $100. it's a good price in my opinion. it looks really good. i think the appearance/design can fit in any household. my only problem is that it's a little too big. there's a whole bowl place and then on the right is a big rectangle with information about the blades and the switches. onto the product, it works really well. i like how there are 3 different kinds of blades: slice, shop, and shred blades. there are 2 switches, one is on and off and one is the speed. i use food processors a lot so this is a perfect appliance for me. im glad i bought this product. but in my opinion, the cusinart that i had was much better. but this is still good though. i recommend it.

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