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MDR-V700 Product Reviews

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Brand: Sony
Rating: (4.33)
Reviews: 3

Bad........But Not Horrible! (Report Review)
Sep 05, 2011 by Naj
Consumer rating: (3)
These are terrible, terrible headphones. The bass is far too loud, bloated, and inaccurate. The mids aren\'t great. The highs are absent, and when EQ\'d in they\'re still quite terrible. Comfort is sub par. Durability: my pair broke after 2 years of light use, and they\'d been cared for well. I\'m told the new version fixes this, but check that before you buy - if you\'re stupid enough to buy them. The only things these things have going for them is the Sony label (which some people equate with quality), and that they look pretty good. Avoid these headphones at all costs - there are much better headphones around for the same or less far as sound, the bass is really pretty great for DJing, extending into frequencies rarely covered by $100 headphones. the highs are also very loud making it easy to hear the high hat and snare while beat-matching. that being said, 2-4k can be very harsh and semblant. there is very little soundstage, but provide a very close and loud presence. the highs don\'t extend enough to provide any spacial relativity. .I especially liked the bass response, which is way better than anything I\'ve heard before. The mids are very clear and detailed, and the highs are really good. I use them for everything from leisure listening to professional studio work. ............The sound quality of the headphones is about as good as my in-ear earphones (sony MDR-XB40EX), but the sound levels i an achieve with these are much. much higher. For comfort they are the best i\'ve ever had, fit\'s snuggly around my ear lobes, and i love the vibrations they give when they are loud, however, some people may find the heat that accumulates uncomfortable, but for me, not a problem. Also, listening to them for hours (and falling asleep with them on) proves to me they are superbly comfortable.....But However.........Within not even a month of having these, i started to only get sound out of one headphone, then the other went within a week, so for the past month, ive had to hold the headphones in a certain way with my hands to get the sound out of them. Yes they got great sound quality, but the jack is messed up. Ive read other reviews where people read the same thing. I would never buy a pair of these again, i would only use them if i got another pair for free. I would not recommend these to a friend. I suggest....
Pros:  Its durability!
Cons:  There a Pair Of Cheap ass headphones! They Break Easily!
works well with iPad (Report Review)
Aug 28, 2011 by rickrusselrocks
Consumer rating: (5)
I recently purchased an amazing iPad 2 (which you can see the review for right on this website) from Best Buy a couple months ago, and it wouldn't nearly live up to it's potential without these amazing headphones, i just can't live without em, either if its on a long plane ride,or just chilling out at home! Sony has never steered me wrong, and this isn't an example of that happening, so when i first put on these headphones, i felt like i was in heaven, it tuned out everything around me, and it felt like i was in my DREAM WORLD just with background music :) !

Most headphones i try start to hurt my ears very badly and make me feel lethargic after i wear them for a long time, but this pair of headphones gets rid of that

Amazingly, sony did the impossible and made it feel really GOOD to wear over the ear headphones, and for that i will always be in thanks of them for giving me such good headphones that DONT at any cost hurt your ears, and aren't specially made for any one thing, but excel at everything! Sony rocks!
Can't live without them! (Report Review)
Aug 27, 2011 by Colton
Consumer rating: (5)
After trying many bad headsets and different headphones I've decided to just pick up a good set of sony head phones.

I'm sure glad I did because ever since I've bought them I've had zero issues with them and they sound spectacular.

They work great with your iphone, ipod, zune, zen or other audio device.

I've used this so many times and it still sounds just as good as when I initially bought it.

It doesn't use a whole lot more power than you're average ear bud because my battery on my mp3 players last about the same amount of time as when I had ear buds connected to them.

The headset is very comfy I haven't had any issues with them being to tight or loose.

The headset has multiple settings on it to avoid being too tight or loose and it works well.

The headset speakers sound absolutely incredible the bass is pretty deep and the treble is pretty high.

Overall this is a great headset and it sounds truly incredible.

If you're going to pay a decent amount of cash for a headset I would highly recommend buying this headset because it's definitely worth it.
Pros:  Great headset,
Pretty light,
Nice looking,
Sound amazing.
Cons:  Cord is a little long.

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