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Ziploc Double Zip Plastic Bags Product Reviews

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Ziploc Double Zip Plastic Bags

Rating: (5.00)
Reviews: 3

it's great! (Report Review)
Sep 03, 2011 by leslienguyen25
Consumer rating: (5)
Once in a while, I would purchase these big double zip loc bags. I usually purchase their normal ones but because i want to keep my meat fresh as much as possible, i use these. these big ziploc bags are a really handy dandy tool. I love it. I use these for lots of reasons. One reason that I use these is to keep my meat fresh as possible. without zip loc bags, your meat will get spoiled and hard FAST. but with these, it protects your food soo well
The 2nd reason that I use this is to mix everything together. For example, I love making rosemary garlic roasted potatoes and with these zip loc bags, i could dump all the ingredients together and mix it super well. you can also use these zip loc bags to crumble stuff such as oreo/ice. it's really easy since the bag is super thick and doesn't tear apart easily
The 3rd reason I use this is to store things. My son doesn't have a supply box since he thinks he's too big for one so I would put all his markers and colored pencils in these bags. It fits perfectly!
I really recommend this product! It has so many uses and I'm sure you'll love it too.
Much better than your average store brand. (Report Review)
Aug 29, 2011 by Colton
Consumer rating: (5)
I just love Ziploc Double Zip Plastic Bags. They are the greatest ever.

I use them for everything imaginable! I love the strength and they do not Tear ever.
They are the nicest and toughest in plastic bags. You can count On them never leaking through ever.

I use them for my childs snacks, Playdough, toys, etc. I have used them to freeze items, cheese, vegies, Leftover pizza, freezing spaghetti, meat-loaf, etc. Nothing ever gets Freezer burnt ever.

They seal off perfectly and hold the items in place So nicely.
They are for sure the best. I have purchased other brands And they never compare. Ziplock has always made the nices and Toughest products out there.

They will always be my favorite. I have Nothing bad to say about these bags because they speak for themselves! I love them.
I also use them to hold diaper wipes and they hold the Moisture in the bag perfectly!

They always are moist. It even holds the Beautiful scent in them.
I also use them for traveling for Kleenex, make-up, Baby items, baby socks, toiletries. Lotion, suntan oil, deodarant.
You can Be re assured that your items are always safe when placed in these bags.

I love the Ziploc Double Zip Plastic Bags. They are AWESOME!!
Pros:  Seals perfectly,
Food stays fresh,
Keeps the scent!
Cons:  None
Ziploc Double Zip Plastic Bags (Report Review)
Aug 29, 2011 by lahiri22
Consumer rating: (5)
I like the Ziploc Double Zip Plastic Bags a lot better than the regular Ziploc plastic bags. Even though you probably are thinking that it is not worth paying more money for the Ziploc Double Zip Plastic Bags, it actually is. The Ziploc Double Zip Plastic Bags are worth shelling out the extra little bit of money for because the top part of the bags (in my opinion, the most important part of the bag) for the Ziploc Double Zip Plastic Bags are a lot stronger and more durable than the regular Ziploc bags. The Ziploc Double Zip Plastic Bags have two layers or zippers if that makes sense, so you can make sure that the bag will end up getting closed more tightly and that your food inside will probably stay fresh longer. I think the Ziploc Double Zip Plastic Bags is a great product in concept and in actual execution. It makes the Ziploc Double Zip Plastic Bags great for storing things that have liquid in the refrigerator as well. You can be sure that the liquids will not seep out and make a huge mess.
Pros:  - zips well

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