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Recent Reviews  View all Cordless Home Phones Products Reviews

Brand: Panasonic
Rating: (4.00)
Reviews: 4

Very Cost Effective Phone (Report Review)
Aug 20, 2011 by tona37211
Consumer rating: (5)
I was looking around for a new handset for my home when I stumbled across the Panasonic 3 handset cordless phone. I like the fact that I do not have to walk all the way across the house in order to charge my cordless but at the same time, how many phones do I really need to have? I looked around to see what I could find and to my surprise, this was one of the cheaper units as well as one of the better units. I decided, against my better judgement, to try this phone. I purchased it and I love it.

I like the fact that I have less interference than with any of my previous phones as well as the simple fact that it comes with a digital answering machine. Why should I pay for voice mail if I have a answering machine. I would like to see when I have a call or message rather than having to call voicemail every time that I walk thru the door. The other fact is that I have up to 17 hours of talk time on each of the handsets. This for me is a big deal because there is some people in my home that will forget to charge a phone unless I do so myself.

With each of these phones, I have the opportunity to use the 3 way calling capability that works for keeping me and my girlfriends chatting. This allows us to all make plans together rather than speaking to one and then to another. Instead, we all will make plans together and this saves us a ton of phone calls and a ton of time.

I like the fact that this phone is pretty reasonable and for the price that I paid, it does more than I wanted it to anyways. Overall, I recommend this phone to anyone who is looking to purchase a new house phone.
Pros:  Has 3 handsets
Has a long life battery
Works well with little interference.
Cons:  Some report the battery does not last long however I did not have this experience.
ok phone , but the battery dies fast (Report Review)
Aug 19, 2011 by LW
Consumer rating: (3)
PANASONIC KX-TG1033S DECT 6.0 SERIES is ok phone. It has all the functions you need, the reception is pretty decent and within 3 years of me having it it did not break down once. Nevertheless, the battery dies pretty fast. Not only you have to charge it all the time, but even rechargeable batteries do not seems to last. As i mentioned , we had these phones for 3 years and now we have to replace them, because batteries cannot be charged any longer at all. So , if you need a phone only for 3 year- this is a good phone.
Pros:  good reception, no interruptions;
Cons:  have to be replaced in 3 years or so, since the batteries cannot be charged any longer
Easy Usage and Durable Home Phone (Report Review)
Aug 17, 2011 by DGSFreelancer
Consumer rating: (5)
We have had this cordless home phone, made by Panasonic, for awhile now...and, so far so good. It works fine around the house and garage, and even around the yard. With the 3 handsets, we have placed one extra cordless telephone for the garage, and another for the basement. This is very practical, since there is no running around for the telephone when it rings. The telephone calls are also transferable from handset to handset, a very handy tool to use, once you first learn how to do it.
It allows us to record our own messages very easily through the handset and has an easy to find telephone book directory. The answering machine and speaker phone on the handsets are actually loud to a point where the volume has to be turned down; however the clarity is still good.
As for charging, all handsets come with their own station and are very sleek and portable. There seems to be no battery issues and we are still operating on the originals.
We are very pleased with our Panasonic cordless telephone, and it has not given us any issues since we bought it a year and half ago or so. I search for it here on the Internet and its manual is accessible through many websites, I instantly printed a copy as a spare.
Pros:  For the price of about $200.00, it is a durable telephone and answering machine.

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