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Whirlpool WTW7300X Top Load Washer Product Reviews

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Whirlpool WTW7300X Top Load Washer

Brand: Whirlpool
Rating: (5.00)
Reviews: 6

I love it! (Report Review)
Aug 27, 2011 by lainy
Consumer rating: (5)
After reading the reviews I was scared of not only this washing machine but *any* new washing machine. So to ease my mind I got the extended warranty. But as far as the machine, it is awesome. I had to open my mind to a new way of doing large agitator, no huge amount of water. Load the clothes the right way and you will have hardly any wrinkling. Expect the machine to makes new and interesting noises. But it is not loud. Use the correct setting for your load type and read the manual. It does not shake if leveled properly. We had the installer run a spin cycle to be sure it was good to go. Clothes come very clean and fresh and *almost* dry. I do at least 7 loads a week and hope to cut that down with the larger capacity tub. This amazing washer works best for bedding, delicates, towels, everyday clothes, and heavy/bulky items. I love it! I probably couldn't live without it! Thank you Whirlpool!
Pros:  adjustable settings
Clean Clothes Well
Energy Efficient
Large Capacity
works well. (Report Review)
Aug 26, 2011 by golfcartdriver
Consumer rating: (5)
First off here, i use this Top Load washer with my samsung dryer, and they work really well together.
Anyways to start the review, this is a really top-of-the-line washer, and it works really well. I have been using this along with my samsung dryer for years and it hasn't failed on me once yet, i haven't had one maintenance man come and check it out because this amazing washer is PURE MAGIC! Most people say untruly that the washers that have a door on the front to put clothes in and have a transparent piece of class to see the clothes being washed are better, but i truly beg to differ because in all my years i haven't seen one washer that washes as well as this particular one. Usually at coin laundries, if you have a stain on one of your clothes and you pre-treated it and all that jazz, then you put it in to the washer, when it comes out, the stain is still kind of visible, but if i DONT pre-treat it and put it into THIS washer, then if wipes out all trace of a bad stain ever even being there! You should get this washer!
1Blemish less white with whirlpool top loader (Report Review)
Aug 11, 2011 by DanaS
Consumer rating: (5)
I always had a fear to wear white shirt. However, unfortunately whenever I go to store my eyes stuck on white ones. I tried lot of tactics like using best quality detergent, optimizing the time to get rid of spot. Nothing worked. Finally I started looking for the washing machine. May be I am ignoring the real fact related to wash. Investing quite long time on Internet and advice from parents, I decided to go for Whirlpool WTW7300X Top Load Washer. Trust me it changed my life forever. Everything is going on smooth and bright now.
I am working mom. I work in a place I need to dress immaculately. Every time if I need to go for meeting I had no option left other than choosing black or navy blue shirt. Nevertheless now I can wear my favorite white without any blemishes on it. Other than that I am a mother of three years old son. You can understand what I am taking about. Every weekend I have to wash tons of clothes both if from home and from his daycare. This washing machine has reasonable capacity of washing clothes in appropriate manner. I can wash my linen and bed sheet without any fear that it may get rough or wrinkled. I think it is smart choice for those who just want to dress perfect in every occasion. As it is top load, I don't have to worry about my little one trying to play with door while I am in the kitchen.
Pros:  It is one of the efficient washers with most up-to-date technology. We can adjust the cycle, spin and temperature. It is compliant with energy star, so don't have been worrying about electric consumption. It is very much gentle on clothes and harsher on dirt. Top load also to prevent the door from breaking and is very much durable.
Cons:  I don't have any complaint about its efficiency regarding and washing clothes. But it can be considered an expensive investment.
Great Washer (Report Review)
Aug 08, 2011 by tona37211
Consumer rating: (5)
We purchased a new washer because our old one decided that its last leg wasn’t doing its part and finally stopped working. When this happened, I had to drag my husband out of his comfortable chair in front of the tv in order to help pick out our new washer. If it was up to him, I would simply wash them out by hand or I could just turn them inside out and lay them back on the bed. For this reason, I knew he had to go out and help me purchase a good washer and dryer. You know because when you purchase a washer, you need to have the matching dryer.

The new Whirlpool washer top loader is just what I needed. It did the job of what I really needed it to do. The inside of it is large enough that I am able to wash my queen size comforter without having it scrunched up together which gives it enough room to move around in which gets it as clean as possible.

The other good point in fact is the fact that it is energy star rated. This allows me to save money while washing my laundry every other day. The washer also uses less water in order to do the laundry which helps to cut back on the cost of my monthly water bill.

With any washer that you are going to purchase, you will need to have it properly balanced. This means that you will have to adjust the legs on the bottom of the washer. The first time that I loaded the washer with a heavy load of jeans and shirts, the washer started vibrating my floor and this meant that I had to stop the load in the middle of it spinning the water out and then adjust the legs on the bottom. Once they were adjusted, the washer was perfect.

Overall, the washer is a good washer and does all the things that I need it to do. This is a good buy and that is why my husband allowed me to purchase this particular brand and style of washer.
Pros:  Large enough for blankets
Spins the water out perfectly
Cons:  Is a top loader versus a front loader.
Needs to be adjusted good if you want it to not bounce off the floors.
Washes well for a smaller washer (Report Review)
Aug 08, 2011 by DGSFreelancer
Consumer rating: (5)
Our new Whirlpool top loaded washer has proven itself as a hardy clothes washing unit in our household. We have plenty of dirty laundry since we have a gardener, a construction worker, a full time cook, and a baby in our household. Our laundry machine sees plenty of dirty grimy loads of all types, from really dirty small wear, to large bulky towels and blankets. That is why we needed a reasonably priced, and yet however, an efficient washing machine, and the top load Whirlpool washer fits the bill so far.
Depending on which store and you buy it I guess, this Whirlpool washer is Energy Star approved, so there might be a government rebate on the washing machine. This particular Whirlpool washer uses less water per capacity for its size and it saves on energy. Most importantly, it washes the clothes and blankets very well; there has not been one complaint from anyone in the house as of yet. The gardener had a hard time once with a stubborn grass stain, but that was a detergent, water temperature, and bleach issue.
However, we did have an issue at first when it was first delivered, on the first load of towels the machine started vibrating and then rocking wildly. The washing machine was not properly balanced so I had to adjust the adjustable legs on it. Like any electric washers, the machine is required to be as level as possible or it will shake when you push its maximum load capacity. It needs to be on a very straight floor and levelled using the washer’s adjustable footing. Besides that, the washer will be off balance when spinning and will vibrate, make unusual noises, and eventually shake.
Pros:  Efficient washer for it load capacity.

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