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Apple iMac 27 in. (MC814LLA) Mac Desktop - with Front Row Product Reviews

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Apple iMac 27 in. (MC814LLA) Mac Desktop - with Front Row

Brand: Apple
Rating: (5.00)
Reviews: 3

exelence on a computer (Report Review)
Aug 30, 2011 by mrnomnom9
Consumer rating: (5)
the apple imac 27in is one of the best items my family has ever invested in. it has stuff for the entire family to do. my wife uses it for her modeling career i use it for business and the kids use the games and apps. if you going to buy a computer i recommend this one to any family. they are very inexpensive. they are virtually indestructible, for example my 5 year old knocked it off the desk and it was undamaged. there is virtually no end to what you you can do and download. you can download anything from games to business or even language learners and translators and more. my kids love it along with me and my wife. the mac is also very light weight and easy to move around the house. it is great for keeping files and software. I love all the apps that are available for it from the App Store. My kids love the storybook apps and my older kids love the puzzles and action games. my wife keeps all of her modelling commercials, pics and videos. the operating system works great and beautifully. i recommend this to any family. thanks
Just bought it, and I love it! (Report Review)
Aug 30, 2011 by MustachedPillow
Consumer rating: (5)
I just bought an Apple iMac 27 inch computer for my family the other day, and we already are addicted to it and its many awesome features.

The 27 inch screen is obviously the most noticeable feature. All of the great, multi-purpose apps run smoothly and in perfect HD quality on this gigantic screen, and the powerful operating system, OS X Lion, makes it use its huge screen to the fullest potential with the new full-screen apps.

This computer is perfect for first-time Mac users like my family. I have had a MacBook Pro and a MacBook Air before, but neither of them came with the easy program that teaches you everything you need to know about using a Mac that the wonderful iMac did. It might be a Lion-only feature, because my MacBook Pro and Macbook Air both came with Snow Leopard.

There are many excellent apps for my kids that come on the Mac App Store, another new feature in Lion. There are addictive strategy games for my oldest daughter, and bedtime stories with incredible graphics for my youngest son.

Overall, if you are a first-time Mac user and looking for the desktop computer that does it all and is family-friendly, the iMac is the right choice for you, and your family will love you for it!
Blew me Away! (Report Review)
Aug 27, 2011 by lainy
Consumer rating: (5)
After waiting and saving for several months, I have just unboxed my brand new 27" iMac and am absolutely blown away! Being a first time Mac user, I can attest to the ease of transition into the world of the Mac OS. The iMac could not possibly be easier to set up (there's just the power cable to plug in). When it first boots, it visually instructs you to turn on your mouse and keyboard and literally guides you in less than 30 seconds through a total set up. This particular model comes with the latest version of the Mac OS 10.6.6 and, of course, has iTunes pre-installed along with iPhoto, iMovie, Safari web browser, FaceTime, PhotoBooth and Garage Band. If you have any familiarity with using a current iPhone or iPad, you'll have a leg up on other newbie Mac users as there are several similarities between the full-scale Mac OS and the mobile devices.

In terms of the hardware: this is the *new* Intel i5 Quad Core Sandy Bridge processor (the latest generation of desktop processors) featuring two of the new Thunderbolt high-speed data transfer ports. While presently the Thunderbolt interface is too new for consumer devices, when it becomes standard issue this will be an amazing, cutting edge feature. However, the most impressive and notable feature of the 27" iMac is it's incredible high definition, ultra-high resolution display. This is NOT just any 27" LCD display-- the 2560 x 1440 resolution is an amazing selling point (compare that to the typical of 1920 x 1080 resolution on run of the mill monitors) and you will be blown away! This display is huge, gorgeous and an absolute dream to work on. When used as a television your 1080p videos couldn't possibly look any better. It's also worth noting that on it's own, a monitor (from Apple or any other manufacturer) with this resolution will easily run you $1000-1300. When combined with the newest generation Sandy Bridge i5 and all the other components, the iMac itself is a tremendous value.

After having used PC's my entire life, I am beyond pleased with my opening impressions on the new iMac. I will be using this as my sole home/office computer (my iPad goes with me on the road). Being a Chemistry PhD student, I am swamped with dozens of lengthy PDF's to read through on a daily basis and reading on this screen has, thusfar, been a great experience. If you are considering the transition to a Mac, I couldn't recommend the new iMac more highly. Its a phenomenal machine at a great price. It sure doesn't hurt that it looks beautiful to boot!

Overall: A+, Highly highly recommended!

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