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Olay Regenerist Advanced Anti-Aging Cleanser Product Reviews

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Olay Regenerist Advanced Anti-Aging Cleanser

Brand: OLAY
Rating: (4.67)
Reviews: 3

The Miracle Wash! (Report Review)
Sep 19, 2011 by King16
Consumer rating: (5)
To Start..Let Me Just Say That This Product Is Amazing..I Have Used It And It Is Incredible!...It Turns Old Hard Skin Into Soft And Smooth...I Actually Heard About This Product From A Close Friend Of Mine!She Told Me That This Helped her.....So I Tried It And I Instantly Fell In Love With It!..Then Again....OLAY Does Have A Reputation For Making Very Good Skin Products For Men And Women!They Are A Brand That is Dependable And Has A Very Good Reputation!..It Helped me A Lot.....So I Recommended it To Other Freinds And Family And They used It...And Guess What..they Found It Useful!..They were Amazed And Surprised...If You Want Your Skin To Go From Rock Hard To Baby But Smooth..Then This is A Product To Use!.I Tell My friends About Everywhere..I Look In the Mirror I See My Self About 15 Years Younger..And Why...(Other Than Exercise)..Because Of this Product!Now Everytime Someone Asks Me About My looks......I Will Tell them That It Is Because Of Thsi Product.....I Can Smile When I Look In the Mirror Now......And Its Because of This!
Pros:  Helps Out Dry Skin!!

Does Not Burn!
Cons:  Very Hard To Find For A Cheap Price!...Seriously!
Good everyday product (Report Review)
Sep 18, 2011 by Mamagail
Consumer rating: (5)
I can give Olay Regenerist Advanced Anti-Aging cleanser a really good review.. I have combination skin that is also sensitive, and sometimes its hard for me to find a cleanser that works well on my whole face. It does not irritate my skin like some cleansers do. I really like that the Olay Anti-Aging cleanser is creamy and it goes on easily and also washes off easily. I can't really say that it worked miracles, but it did leave my skin feeling soft and a bit smoother. It can be more expensive but i got it on sale for $7 at Walmart which is not a bad deal at all for an Olay product or for a good facial cleanser. I would recommend this cleanser to anyone looking for a good everyday cleanser and who has dry or sensitive skin. Because it did leave my skin feeling soft, some days i would not have to apply a moisturizer which is a nice benefit. I have heard that it works well on acne but i don't have this problem anymore.
Pros:  Creamy
Washes off easily
Does not dry or irritate skin
Leaves skin feeling soft and smooth
Cons:  Can be expensive
Does Its Job. (Report Review)
Aug 22, 2011 by efrance36
Consumer rating: (4)
I have tried many cleansers throuhout the years and this one isn't really "amazing", but it's still a good standard cleanser.

This cleanser is nothing special -- it does its job. It cleanses your face and is very gentle and creamy. It has tiny little beads inside but it did't really do anything. Also, it has a nice, clean smell to it. It's great for daily use and it can be a bit on the more expensive side. I have dry sensitive skin and my face is already pretty clear so I didn't really receive any benefits, although I have big pores around my face. It leaves your face very supple and soft. I also noticed that after one use, my face was a bit smoother. This cleanser is a very moisturizing one, so sometimes I can skip the moisturizer. It doesn't irritate as many other cleansers do. Although I don't have acne problems, I have recommended this cleanser to my brother who has mild acne problems. After finishing the bottle, I witnessed how much clearer his face looks.

All in all, this cleanser is good for all skin types and even for all those men out there looking to get clearer skin. I recommend this to people who want to clear up their acne. I'm satisfied with this product.
Pros:  -Very creamy
-Good for daily use
-Clears up mild acne
Cons:  -Doesn't do anything for people with acne-free skin.

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