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Vanguard Classic Hearth Vent Free Fireplace Natural Gas Product Reviews

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Vanguard Classic Hearth Vent Free Fireplace Natural Gas

Brand: Vanguard
Rating: (3.33)
Reviews: 3

Looks good and acts good. (Report Review)
Aug 28, 2011 by tona37211
Consumer rating: (5)
Once you've made a selection, get ready to sit back and enjoy the warmest, most efficient firebox you've ever seen.Again, individual homes and families have individual needs.Vantage Hearth fireboxes are the industry leaders for quality, function, and ease of use.Features Classic Hearth VL36LE Vent-Free Firebox with Manual Gas Logs - 36 Inch Complete systems include Zero-Clearance Firebox, Vent-Free Gas Logs and Built-In or Optional Blowers All Classic Hearth models come standard with black louvers Manually controlled gas log set provides bright wood-like flame White refractory brick liner with stacked brick pattern add to the realistic feel 99% efficiency 33,000 BTUs and heat up to 1,100 sq.The best way to go about choosing the right firebox for your home is to determine the size, heat output, and venting options that best suit your needs.And, by the way, they look great in your home.

There are all kinds of fireboxes available out there, but the Vantage Hearth Classic Hearth VL36LE Vent-Free Natural Gas Firebox with Manual Gas Logs - 36 Inch is one of the best.Vantage Hearth offers a wide range of products that can accommodate any homeowner's requirements.If you've determined that the Vantage Hearth Classic Hearth VL36LE Vent-Free Natural Gas Firebox with Manual Gas Logs - 36 Inch fits you and your home, then you've just made an investment in the only firebox you'll ever need.

I installed this in my family room of my home and I have loved it ever since the first time that I used it. I have had various friends ask me where I purchased it from and I have told them all just how much I love this fireplace. I use it during the summer and the winter because where we live, there is no need for it only a few times a year. I enjoy the look of it and I enjoy what it does for our home. When we purchased this tool and had it installed, it shot up our overall value on our home.
Pros:  works great
good fireplace! (Report Review)
Aug 27, 2011 by golfcartdriver
Consumer rating: (5)
As a kid, i never had a fireplace in my home, and i always envied the kids in my neighborhood that had fireplaces and bragged to me about it, sadly in the home i live in, which was the only one that could fit the budget, i don't have a fireplace built into the wall, so i decided to buy this amazingly realistic fireplace, and let me tell you i was happy i didn't purchase a home with a built in fireplace, because this is twice as good, and i believe that it gives MUCH more heat than the fireplaces that would be built into the wall. It also reduces my bill for the year, because instead of buying firewood, i just every so often have to buy those gel cans that the other review said, and those work really well too. If you have always wanted a fireplace, then you should get this one because it gives off very good heat, and the fuel gel cans are much less expensive in the long run then buying firewood constantly. I bought a good air conditioner for the summers, and i am glad that i bought this for the winters. WOW
Aug 23, 2011 by Cherokeemoon
Consumer rating: (0)
I have this fireplace in my bedroom and love, love, love it! I have moved 3 times since I purchased this fireplace and it has held together very well. I don\'t have propane at my apt. that I am currently in so I use gel cans made for fireplaces and it is perfect. You can even buy gel cans that have a pine cone popping sound when burning! It gives off enough heat to heat a large bedroom or a normal sized living room by using the gel can. Of course it is beautiful when the propane is connected and you have the real fire glowing but the gel cans are just another option if you are interested in buying it but may live in an apt. or home that does not have propane. It is portable so you can move it from room to room. I live alone and wanted a fireplace in my bedroom for when I lay in bed at night and read. You have to put it together and it is a bit heavy for a woman to do by yourself. A friend and I put it together in about an hour and I am very happy with this purchase! The decor of the scroll work is very nice and everyone compliments me on how pretty it is. I definently recommend this fireplace!
Pros:  It is portable. You can use gel cans in it.
Cons:  Heavy for a woman to handle alone.

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