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Sony KDL-32BX300 32" HDTV-Ready LCD TV Product Reviews

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Sony KDL-32BX300 32" HDTV-Ready LCD TV

Brand: Sony
Rating: (4.75)
Reviews: 4

Sony - KDL-32BX300 32 in. HDTV is awesome tv ” (Report Review)
Sep 05, 2011 by Naj
Consumer rating: (5)
Sony is known for their superior quality in all the various types of electronics they manufacture. Sony HDTV's and LCD TV's are no different. As one of the top HDTV companies in the world, their quality and durability are among the best. Sony HDTV's are often the anchor of many family's home theaters. Their prices are obviously higher than a lower end brand but there is a noticeable difference in the quality. Sony is often compared to other high end brands like Samsung , Pioneer and othersWhen shopping for a new HDTV, the resolution is one of the first features people look at. 1080p resolution has basically become the new standard in HDTV. 720p was a very popular resolution in earlier HDTV's but is quickly becoming outdated. It is true that in smaller screen sizes there is not a noticeable difference between 720 and 1080p but if you are buying a larger HDTV, you'll definitely want to invest in a 1080p HDTV. And now that 1080p HDTV's are very closely priced to 720p HDTV's, why buy something with inferior resolutionI bought this for myself almost two months ago and I haven't had any problems with the picture quality or sound like others have reported. When watching cable TV, the picture quality is clean and with great color. If you are going to hook up a DVD player, I would recommend investing in an upscaling DVD player (at minimum) otherwise your movie will look really pixel-ly. In addition to being really affordable (got my on sale for $350), it was also very easy to setup. Since I was purchasing the TV for a bedroom, I really didn't want to go any bigger than 32 inches..I selected this particular model because it had a sleeker look to it. The only negative thing I can think of is that this TV model doesn't swivel like the newer TVs do. You pretty much have to move the entire unit to adjust the viewing angle. Overall, I'm very satisfied with my purchase and I would definitely recommend this TV to my friends and family.
,,,So If You're Looking for a good quality Tv...That Is High Definition.......The Sony KDL-32BX300 32" HDTV-Ready LCD TV is the way To Go!
Pros:  It high Def.........The Whole Thing Is A pro!
Cons:  No cons!
Good but wasn't big enough for me. (Report Review)
Sep 01, 2011 by Colton
Consumer rating: (4)
I bought this tv at walmart at the time but ultimately ended up taking it back to get a bigger samsung tv.

I owned it for about 3 weeks before I did take it back and I loved it for the most part it didn't really have and flaws but it did have a darker image than most which kind of got annoying because I like a really bright lit television.

Overall the size wasn't big enough for me however I'm not judging it by that I'm simply stating that so you don't think I took it back because it sucked because that is not the case it's a very nice television.

I loved this while using it and if it was bigger I would have kept it for sure.

But enough about that and onto the review.

This tv had very good colors but the overall brightness of it was darker which isn't a bad thing most people don't like a very bright panel to look at however I personally do.

The tv had quite a few scenery modes which came in handy for movies, gaming and other things like that.

The tv had a very unique remote I guess you could say it felt very weird at the time but it grew on me after a few days of use and the sleep timer function was also very good on the TV.

There is much more positives than negatives with this particular TV and it's a very nice set for anyone wanting to save some money or simply get a smaller tv.

The tv is very easy to clean and it really shines when it is clean however it does attract some dust.

Overall it's a great set and I would recommend it to anyone wanting a good value.
Pros:  Affordable,
Nice picture,
Great remote,
Sleep mode is easy to use,
Nice looking.
Cons:  Darker display than I'd like but might not be for you.
A Masterpiece of Sony! (Report Review)
Aug 08, 2011 by qahtesham
Consumer rating: (5)
It was the day when I received my sixth stipend. I was waiting for this day anxiously, because I had to buy a new TV. The one in my home was old enough with its age and features to be changed. I had searched for one with the latest features, and that could flush my home settings too. And to match these requirements, I did not find any TV better than Sony KDL-32bx300 HDTV-Ready LCD TV. Now only its looks, but also its features like Accurate color in bright areas; uniform backlight; matte screen works well in bright lighting; handles 1080p/24 sources properly; solid picture adjustment options; nice design with hidden speakers were really matchless in quality. Sony KDL-32BX300 ($429 MSRP) is a budget suiting TV, 32-inch LCD television. Its price is really cheap for a Sony HDTV. Also the resolution is limited to 720p, opposing the higher 1080p found on most 2010 TVs.
The Sony KDL-32BX300 has no USB port, and therefore no photo, audio, or video clip playback is available. With no Ethernet and Wi-Fi, the live streaming of videos is not possible either. The port selection is limited to the essentials, including just two HDMIs inputs and two sets of component AV, one of which doubles as the composite AV input. As mentioned before that this TV is really appealing in the looks also, it has really flushed my room settings also. My wife was really happy when I bought this TV. Dark areas tinged somewhat blue, lighter black levels and no USB media option are few of the corns of this TV. But they are outweighed by its amazing features. Coming from the office, I watch my favorite programs for some time after buying this TV, and it make me feel the worth of my money!
Pros:  LCD, PC game console
Cons:  Dark areas tinged somewhat blue; lighter black levels; no USB media option.
Perfect Size (Report Review)
Jul 26, 2011 by DGSFreelancer
Consumer rating: (5)
Our new 32" Sony LCD TV is perfect for the den in which we have a PC, game console, and DVD player hooked up to it. The sound and picture quality is perfect for our evenings of movie watching and gaming.

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