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Gillette Venus Embrace Product Reviews

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Gillette Venus Embrace

Rating: (3.83)
Reviews: 6

Works pretty good (Report Review)
Sep 18, 2011 by briidope
Consumer rating: (4)
I was in need of a new razor so I bought this one at Target because they did not have my usual one. I also had a coupon for this particular razor so I decided to get it. Some people do not think that this razor has a close enough shave which I understand. When I was first using the Gillette Venus Embrace razor I thought that too. I like that it has the ribbon of moisture so that I do not have to keep using shaving cream. After a while though, the moisture goes away and its just strips left there. Also, I know that this razor kinda gets really close. I feel like it takes the stubble away with a little work. I do not have incredibly sensitive skin so I did not have a problem with the sharpness of the razor. I never got cut by it. I did not have dramatically smooth skin afterwards and I am pretty sure you cannot just get smooth skin after using a razor. I also like that the Gillette Venus Embrace comes with a wall hanger thingy. This razor is pretty expensive but thank gosh I had a coupon. I probably will try to look for more coupons to replace the cartridge when mine runs out.
Pros:  removes hair well
does not tug my skin
Cons:  expensive
ribbon of moisture runs out
Gillette Venus Embrace (Report Review)
Sep 03, 2011 by lahiri22
Consumer rating: (2)
Interestingly enough, I first tried out the Gillette Venus Embrace when I received it as a sample. I received the Gillette Venus Embrace as a sample in the mail with an online purchase I had made from Delia\'s Clothing Store. Well, I was interested to try it out because I had heard good things about Gillette products and had seen many advertisements and magazine ads about it. Well, maybe because my expectations started off too high, but I ended up being severely disappointed. I got so many cuts using the Gillette Venus Embrace -- it was awful. The blades in the razor are so sharp that you have to be extremely careful not to nick your skin. I ended up discarding the Gillette Venus Embrace after one use and will never purchase it because I do not wish to get so many cuts simply from shaving. Furthermore, as a previous reviewer mentions, the replacement cartridges are so expensive and are just another way for the Gillette company to continue making money off you once you decide to purchase their razor.
Cons:  - gives you cuts
Amazing (Report Review)
Aug 27, 2011 by lainy
Consumer rating: (5)
I have been on the look out for a while for a good razor with replaceable cartridges and though many are fine and fit the bill, I thought this one gave me the little bit extra that will keep me coming back.

I have purchased Venus products in the past but when I could no longer find the blades at my local store for my regular model I bought a lady schick. The lady schick is fine, but not much movement in the head and the shave is thus sometimes not as close as I'd like. I also tried the Venus with the moisture bars, and that was kind of messy and not really a fit for what I was looking for.

Here is what I was looking for and what I found with this Venus Embrace:

I want a plain razor, I don't want soapy little moisture bars around my blade (one of the previous Venus razor's I tried).

I want a head that can move with the contours of my body-hey, an armpit is not an easy thing to shave if the head has limited mobility, right?

I would love a place to store the cartridges, and with this model the shower caddy opens to keep my spare cartridge-great idea! Now I don't have to rummage around soapy and dripping to find a replacement in the drawer when my blade is dull- it is right there and ready to go!

I like something easy to grip. This razor is slim and sleek and has a nice indent for my thumb and has a sturdy gel grip.

I want a razor that gives me a nice shave-this one does it. Nice and close.

The looks of the unit? Well, not that important if it is good, but this one also has a good design, dual colored in green and glue, with a cute little circular shower caddy.

I think it is a good value and I will definitely be ordering refills and keeping this one as my primary razor.

I think this one does it all, it is simple, well designed, gives a great shave and has a pleasant design. No complaints here.
Good but not fantastic (Report Review)
Aug 24, 2011 by Kyeste
Consumer rating: (3)
The Venus Embrace razor claims to smoothly glide over your skin, moisturizing while it shaves, and give you silky smooth hair removal. It does deliver on that promise, and with the soap bars does more than just shave your hair. The razor kit even comes with a handy shower holder so you don’t have to leave your razor on the side of the bathtub.

The five blades are good if you have a larger area of skin on your calf to cover. It makes shaving quicker and easier. The conditioning soap around the blades eliminates the need for shaving gel. If you sensitive in skin pairing it with shaving gel will make your skin feel incredibly and protect you from razor burn.

It does not curve around ankles or knees well as it is such a huge razor, but it hugs the curvature of calves beautifully. As for shaving armpits, if you have a smaller indented shaped armpit it will be too big to fit into the curves. It does a great job of shaving arms and pubic hair as there is more service area for its size.

As for the soap bars: At first they lather and bubbled nicely, but after about a week of use it loses its soap quality and becomes a holed mess that does not lather. But when it does lather it really makes the razor just glide smoothly over the skin and even helps pull the hair upwards before the razor catches it.

One downside is how sharp the blades are. I used a new Venus Embrace cartridge and the razor was so sharp it sheared off a huge long piece of skin from my leg. I did not feel it happening as it was that sharpened! I now have a permanent scar up the length of my leg from it. Be INCREDIBLY careful and check the manufacturing date—if it’s ‘newer’ it will be insanely sharp. Hold it away from your skin when shaving.

Another downside is that the blade rusts very fast. Within two days of having one cartridge in, it already showed signs of rusting! I hate that, because I have to buy the cartridges more often... and they are not cheap.

While it does a decent job of shaving, they are better quality cheaper razors out there.
Pros:  Soap lathers nicely.
Razor cuts hair close to skin.
Hugs calves.
Shower holder.
Cons:  Rusts fast.
Too large.
Cartridges are expensive.
Can be so sharp it shears skin off.
Does a good job (Report Review)
Aug 23, 2011 by efrance36
Consumer rating: (4)
Although the price for this razor and the refills is ridiculously high in my opinion, I was in need of a razor, so I decided to try Venus' Gillette Embrace.

This five-bladed razor gave me a nice, close shave and so far, after two weeks of use, I only cut myself once. The handle is also very comfortable, and I usually have a nice comfortable grip. The razor I bought also came with a razor holder but it does not do a good job holding the razor at all. I actually find myself picking up my razor from the bottom of the bath tub every time I take a shower so I just threw it away. It also doesn't make my skin red and itchy, as with some other razors, seeing as I have very sensitive, dry skin. The only downside is that this razor is pretty expensive.

Honestly, I can say that this is a good razor, but it is not worth all of the hype and the price. I can easily find a razor half of this price but the same quality. If this was cheaper, then I would probably think differently, but I probably won't buy this again just because of the price. I recommend this to anyone willing to pay the price for the $12+ refills.
Pros:  -good, comfortable grip
Cons:  -price
-holder isn't good quality
The best razor you'll ever use (Report Review)
Aug 04, 2011 by writergirl.m
Consumer rating: (5)
Let me just start by saying that this is not only the best razor I've ever tried, it's probably one of the best drugstore purchases I've ever made, across the general health & beauty category, period. It really is that good!

The Venus Embrace is a five-bladed razor, which means that it offers the closest shave possible. Other razors I've tried have irritated my skin, but not this one, possibly because the extra blades mean less tug and pull on the skin. Whatever the reason, it's great!

The razor gives an incredibly close shave, leaving skin silky soft and smooth. Also, it seems that with the close shave, I don't have to shave my legs nearly as often as when I was using a disposable razor.

True to the name, Embrace, the head flexes to curve around your knees and ankles, meaning less nicks. Perfect for those of us who are always in a hurry!

I've also got to give props to Gillette for the design of the razor handle. Some razors have a straight, plain handle. This one is shaped to fit comfortably in your hand, and won't slip out of your grip if your palms are wet.

This feature is really a nice bonus if you shave your legs in the shower and find yourself dropping the razor a lot. It's nice to see a company put a little extra time into these little extra touches that take a product from "good" to "great"!

My only gripe with this razor is that the refill heads are probably the most expensive of any razor I've ever used, but it's worth it for the incredible shave. I can honestly say that even if Gillette raised the price of the refills, I would still happily buy them. This product is just that good.

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