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Motorola H680 Bluetooth Headset Product Reviews

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Motorola H680 Bluetooth Headset

Brand: Motorola
Rating: (4.00)
Reviews: 2

Good! (Report Review)
Aug 21, 2011 by Neon
Consumer rating: (4)
This is a capable and dependable Bluetooth headset. It comes in a nice sleek design that look very stylish. The earpiece will fit any size ear, from big to small. It comes with the standard Motorola icon. The actual Bluetooth is a perfect size. It is not too big or outrageously small. The earpiece is also very sturdy. I have use many Bluetooth in the past where the earpiece feel very fragile, like it will break of any moment, However, this Bluetooth headset feels completely different.
This Bluetooth headset comes with many basic features of all Bluetooth. My mom, who is technology handicapped, was able to used this Bluetooth in 5 minutes just by reading the simple but instructive instruction manual that comes with this blue tooth. You just simply open the power, but the blue tooth in receiving mode. Then go to your phone and go to the connectivity option. Then you can link your phone to this Bluetooth. A Bluetooth symbol will appear on your phone and then you will know that it is connected.
However I must admit that it does not work with all phones. I try hooking it up with two of my very old phones, (flips). It got stuck on the connecting sequence for an hour. I try closing the Bluetooth and restarting my phone but it didn't work. However this Bluetooth headset works perfectly fine on my newer phones. So as long as you have a decently new phone then this will probably work for you.
I strong recommend this product. It is very useful because we live in an age where multi-tasking is a must. With this bluetooth headset, you are able to talk and do what you want!
Pros:  Cheap
Cons:  May not work on old phones.
Could offer more options (Report Review)
Aug 21, 2011 by tona37211
Consumer rating: (4)
When you are shopping around for your basic Bluetooth headset, the one that most individuals purchase is this model. The reason why most people will purchase this model and style is because it is the basic model however it does what it is intended to do. The basic functions on this pair of headphones is going to allow you to make phone calls without taking both hands off the wheel while driving. If you are doing other activities, your hands remain free and open in order to continue to do what you want to do.

The Motorola will allow you to look good while talking and driving and will give you up to 8 hours of talk time which is the most that you generally get for Bluetooth headsets. The size is also a plus as it helps to keep you on track and to not loose the headset but small enough that you do not have to worry about something bulky being on your ear.

The small headset comes with the basic design of the Motorola signature and has a few elegant touches to it as well. The headset is designed to keep those in perspective of driving handsfree without all the glammer of owning a high end, expensive Bluetooth gadget. If you are looking for something a little more and that offers much more, then this is the one that you want to avoid purchasing, otherwise, it is the basic essential that you need in order to remain handsfree and to be safe while driving.

I liked this headset because at the time, I did not have a lot of money to spend on a tool such as this and decided that something was better than nothing and once I started to use it, I figured that when I upgraded, this brand was as good as you could expect for little money that I might as well try the better models. I sure am glad I did because now I love my other Motorola gadgets.
Pros:  is small, inexpensive and lightweight.
looks elegant for most
Cons:  could have a few more options.

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