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NordicTrack c2300 Treadmill Product Reviews

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NordicTrack c2300 Treadmill

Brand: NordicTrack
Rating: (4.75)
Reviews: 4

I love the NordicTrack c2300 Treadmill !! (Report Review)
Sep 27, 2011 by briidope
Consumer rating: (5)
This treadmill was such a great price at under 100.00 for me and I was very surprised. We had this at my past gym and I would always go straight to this one. I got too busy to go to the gym so I just decided to buy my own. I do not like the whole jog around the neighborhood thing so I bought the NordicTrack c2300 Treadmill. I love this treadmill because you can adjust it to different speeds ( obviously ) and it isn't hard on my feet. I really can tone my legs with the NordicTrack c2300 Treadmill and see results. The NordicTrack c2300 Treadmill is well worth the price for a treadmill. If you are looking for an inexpensive treadmill I would recommend the NordicTrack c2300 Treadmill to you. It does take up a good amount of space but I have grown used to it, and it goes nicely in my basement. I am motivated to go for a run or even walk on this treadmill because I know that I will be seeing results. The NordicTrack c2300 Treadmill
also has many features that make my workout a little different each day.
Pros:  inexpensive
different features
good quality
makes running possible in winter (Report Review)
Aug 26, 2011 by golfcartdriver
Consumer rating: (5)
As i posted in one of my earlier reviews, i live in michigan and the cold, unwelcoming, frosty winter makes it as uninviting as possible to RUN in that weather, so while biting my teeth at the price, i invested in this treadmill to keep in shape over the winter, and i have used this much more than in the winter since! Even on those seemingly rainy days, i don't hesitate to go for a run... ON MY NORDIC TRACK because it is indoor! This tread mill is much smaller than i thought it would be, which is good because i have a somewhat small house. Even though this treadmill is small, it has an IRON HEART, it easily keep up with my jogging for a long time and my short sprints alike and i LIKE IT. The one thing i like VERY much about this tread mill is that it is SUPER QUIET, i mean when i looked in to this treadmill i expected it to make a GARGANTUAN noise, but all those fears vanished when i plugged it in to find a nice, quiet purr, even at very high speeds. If you want a good, solid treadmill for your money this is the treadmill for you.
Cons:  VERY EXPENSIVE, but well worth it
A RUN for your money (Report Review)
Aug 10, 2011 by tona37211
Consumer rating: (4)
When it comes to exercise, I am not a big fan at all. I do not know much about any type of fitness equipment and I do not pretend to be. Since the show The Biggest Loser has become such a hit, I love to exercise a little in my spare time. Because I am actively trying to loose weight, I will say that my biggest investment of the NordicTrack c2300 was well worth the investment.

The NordicTrack c2300 comes in under the thousand dollar mark and has a number of things on it that I like. The one thing that I like most is the fact that it can handle weight of a big person. Neither me or my husband are small waisted or pretend to be small, so this piece of equipment had to be able to handle our weight.

The NordicTrack was comfortable enough for all of us to be able to use. For instance, my friend who loves to walk on a treadmill weighs almost 300 pounds, this piece of equipment handled her weight just fine. The odometer allows us to know just how much we are walking or jogging when using the treadmill.

I like to keep track of all the calories I am burning and with this fitness equipment, I am able to do just that. I have the compatibility to be able to make my treadmill what I need it to be. The best thing about the treadmill is that it is able to offer a 12% incline which is perfect for really making me work and to push me to break a sweat. If I did not have this specific treadmill, I would still be struggling to loose the little bit of weight that I have already lost. You just don’t know what it can do until you get one yourself.
Pros:  has a incline setting.
makes you break a sweat
Cons:  is a costly investment.
A very good training partner (Report Review)
Aug 08, 2011 by DGSFreelancer
Consumer rating: (5)
We bought a NordicTrack treadmill for a family member as a birthday gift. It was priced right for a treadmill and we paid just over $1000.00 for it. It was put into good use since it was used for training since this family member was very athletic. NordicTrack has been around for a long time and I knew that it would be the perfect treadmill for someone who was on a daily training schedule.
I’ve had the chance to use it before it was moved out of our home to another house, make sure you have two people to lift this unit since it weighs just less than 200 lbs. The track is well built and stable, it has a small motor in it, and a control panel with many features. What I liked the most about this treadmill is the program that measures and monitors your heart rate, it also calculates the amount of carbohydrates you burned when jogging on the NordicTrack.
The treadmill is still being used, but by another family member who needs indoor training. I feel like this workout unit was a great investment, since this treadmill has helped a few people in my life that I value. As indoor equipment, it compensates for all the times we could not jog or walk outside due to weather.
Pros:  Well established product.

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