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Vidal Sassoon Ionic Folding Hair Dryer With Retractable Cord Product Reviews

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Vidal Sassoon Ionic Folding Hair Dryer With Retractable Cord

Brand: Vidal Sassoon
Rating: (5.00)
Reviews: 3

Excellence in a perfect form (Report Review)
Aug 30, 2011 by MustachedPillow
Consumer rating: (5)
This hairdryer is most definitely the best I have found. The design of it looks amazing and is high-function at the same time.
It's also extremely easy to use. You turn the heat dial to the heat you want, and you turn the strength dial to the strength of wind blowing that you want, and voila! It works perfectly! I love using this on my kids' hair, because it blows it dry super fast while not burning their scalps.

The retractable cord is amazing. It extends to a very long length; it can stretch across my whole bathroom! I love how the cord retracts into a little compartment in the back of the hairdryer, so no tying rubber bands around the cord and shoving it into your cabinet with it splayed all over the cabinet shelf.
I love the fact that you can interchange the front nozzle between 3 different nozzles that it comes with. Now I can blow dry my hair, my kids' hair, and books after the sprinklers set off in our house after a fire (hasn't happened yet, and I hope it doesn't!)

And did I mention that I bought this for only $20? That's the best part!

If you're looking for an excellent hair dryer that's easy to use and multi-function, the excellent Vidal Sassoon Ionic Folding Hair Dryer is perfect for you!
Really Good (Report Review)
Aug 30, 2011 by divas12321
Consumer rating: (5)
First of all, I just want to say I have the same Vidal Sasssoon Ionic Hairy Dryer but mine doesn't' have a retractable cord but I think it's the same thing. So now onto the hair dryer, it's an excellent hair dryer. The design looks really good in my opinion. I love that there's the different add ons which makes it cool to whoever that is using it. The second thing I want to mention is it's really easy to use. There's a heat option and there's a strength option. The blue thing is just using less or more power. Onto the part where everyone wants to know, the hair dryer works extremely well. It's super strong and dries hair really quickly. And the thought that I only got this for $20 shocks me. Such a good hair dryer for such a low amount of money. I would pay $30-40 for this excellent hair dryer.
Pros:  ~ Durable, I have these for like 3 years already and it's still working fine
~ Cheap, I got this for like $20 at Target
~ Powerful, dries my hair really quickly
~ Sleek Design
~ Easy to use
~ Different tops/add - ons
Best Hair Dryer!! (Report Review)
Aug 23, 2011 by tanvu
Consumer rating: (5)
I bought so many hair driers in the past and none of them last longer than a year! Then i bought this one and it just surprised me so much! First of all, it's cheap, only around $20 (I bought it at Walmart). There are so many different things that goes along with this.
- The retractable cord is just that. It goes in the hair dryer. I dont really use it that much but it's still a cool feature if you go around on vacations.
- There are 3 different add on tubes just for your convienent! It's somewhere around that I think since I put it somewhere around the house. I dont really use it since the original is good enough!
- It is SUPER LIGHT! It's so easy to hold onto. Other hair driers that I have was really heavy but this one is just flawless.
- It is really strong. There are an option about speed and an option about heat. and there's a button to use more energy or less energy. I love it! Simple but powerful!

In the end, it became my favorite hair dryer. It's amazing for the price of $20 and nothing comes hear it. It's worth a buy.
Pros:  - really light
- simply powerful
- comes with different add on
- retractable cord makes it easy to go around on a vacation
Cons:  - nothing. it's perfect!

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