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Philips DVD Player DVP5982 Product Reviews

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Philips DVD Player DVP5982

Brand: Philips
Rating: (4.67)
Reviews: 3

Good....But Not Great..... (Report Review)
Sep 05, 2011 by Naj
Consumer rating: (4)
Make sure you have a HDTV with HDMI inputs. The setup I found to be easy and it only tokk a few minutes to get everything set the way I liked. Big picture quality difference over my old progressive scan 480p DVD player. Hooked up to your TV's HDMI port this new player will be able to tell which resolutions your TV is capable of and gray out the ones it is not capable of doing. For me that was 576p (which I wouldn't use anyway) and 1080p (which is fine with me seeing that I only have a TV capable of 1080i). The 1080i upconvert made Pearl Harbor look excellent compared to how I had watched the movie previously. Althougth, the picture is not as good as real HDTV programming, it is still damn good for taking a crappy original picture and upconverting it into a eye pleasing near 1080i pseudo high def. In case you might have heard differently there is fast forawrd and reverse on the remote. Hitting Reverse once brings you back to the beginning of the last scene BUT holding down reverse allows you to rewind at 2x speed. Releasing and holding it down again increases that to 4x and so on. I'm happy with my $62 purchase that will make my movies look better while I wait for the HD DVD vs Blu Ray war to be decided.Overall...........This DVD player plays videos well. My issue is that there is not a separate skip forward and search forward button. In order to search forward (or backwards), one needs to hold down the skip forward button. This doesn't always happen and sometimes when i try to search forward a little bit the disk skips forward to the next scene. Would it be so hard to have the additional button? Even when I use the universal remote it still has this problem...........The Smart Sound feature optimizes the settings for ultra bass, bass, treble and balance to give you a great entertainment experience. A 192kHz sampling rate with 24-bit resolution extracts the maximum amount of information from the original analog sound waves so you can hear exactly what the composer and director wanted you to. Let Philips open your eyes to a new level of video pleasure!
Pros:  The Clear Picture!
Cons:  It Lags On At Some Point!
great dvd player (Report Review)
Aug 29, 2011 by leslienguyen25
Consumer rating: (5)
this is probably one of the best dvd players ever. from the design to the strength of the dvd player, everything is top notch. my favorite thing about this dvd player is that is has a usb port. i love using it! now, i can just put movies and tv shows onto my flash drive and pop the usb into the usb port and there i have it. i can now watch movies on the big screen. that's not the only reason why i like it. the design of this dvd player is so good. it looks so fancy and basically suits in every household. black and silver never go wrong together. Another good thing about this dvd player is that it's really easy to use. nothing really difficult at all. even my 7 year old daughter knows how to use this. the remote control also looks really modern and good too. another good thing is that there's a hdmi slot so that i can connect my laptop to it and watch with my laptop. how cool is that! everything just goes super well together. this is a must buy dvd player. it has a great price and works so well!
Amazing DVD Player! (Report Review)
Aug 22, 2011 by tanvu
Consumer rating: (5)
In the past, I bought about 3 different dvd players. Within some time, they all broke. So after looking for awhile for the perfect one, I stumbled upon this. Not only is the design eye-catching, the quality matches the appearance. Before buying this, I would either buy DVDs or burn them out, but not with this player. It has a USB port which allows you to watch movies within your USB! I love it already! But there's more.. My previous dvd players wouldn't read some of my burnt discs and it was super frustrating. But with this, now the problem is gone! I love everything about this dvd player. I would even go on to say best dvd player on the market! I'm so happy I bought this product and would be glady recommend it to other people! You guys GOT TO TRY THIS!
Pros:  - USB port; now I can watch movies without burning them out in a disc! I love it!
- are able to watch AVI dvds - my previous dvd players somtime wouldn't read the disc but this one has no problem
- beautfiul design - it looks so sleek and modern; fits in every home
Cons:  N/A!

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