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Samsung PS50A556 Plasma HDTV Product Reviews

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Samsung PS50A556 Plasma HDTV

Brand: Samsung
Rating: (5.00)
Reviews: 4

Amazing! (Report Review)
Aug 29, 2011 by MustachedPillow
Consumer rating: (5)
I used to have an old, boxy television that always displayed fuzzy, pixelated graphics and static screens. So when I went to the store to get a new television, I see the wonderful Samsung Plasma HDTV. It's the biggest television in the store, it's amazingly thin, the graphics being displayed on it were more clear than crystal, and the sound quality was spectacular. Surprisingly, it was also the least expensive television in the whole store! I couldn't help but to buy it to replace my old, dusty television. I don't regret my purchase.

Look: This is a sleek, shiny television that is less than 1 inch thick that will appeal to any person. The only problem is that the hi-def screen attracts dust like bees to a flower field.

Audio: The audio on this television is remarkable. This television can easily fill up a large room with crystal clear sounds of my favorite television shows and movies.

Graphics: To describe the graphics on this television with one word is nearly impossible. They are so impeccable, remarkable, spectacular, amazing, and every other word you could possibly think of to describe the most beautiful thing you have ever seen! Even from an inch away from the screen, you can see zero pixels.

If you are a person looking for an easy-to-use television that is inexpensive, big, and has great sound and graphics, the Samsung Plasma HDTV is definitely the right choice for you!
Pros:  Slim
Visually appealing
Easy to use
Amazing graphics
Great sound
Cons:  Attracts dust easily
referred from samsung phone (Report Review)
Aug 25, 2011 by golfcartdriver
Consumer rating: (5)
My first phone was the samsung intensity and i was amazed at the quality of such a product, and at that, the quality of a mere starter phone. So when i was looking into HDTVs to upgrade from my old, bulky, dusty sony tv, i instantly went toward samsung, all the other TV brands were too expensive, and at that, you don't get that much, but this tv was on a huge sale at ABC warehouse so i decided i will just do it, because i knew i could trust samsung after the amazing phone they make, so if you are looking for a good tv, i don't know about price, because i got it on a huge sale, but if you are looking for an amazing, good quality tv that will do all the things you could want, has lots of tv screen space, and who's plasma screen is top-of-the line quality, then i recommend that you go not for Sony, not for LG, not for anything else but Samsung.
Pros:  The screen is so wide, i don't know if i think so because of my years of a small bulky tv, or just because it is plain HUGE, and at that the picture quality is crystal clear.
Cons:  Don't let dust get on the screen though, you have to clean the screen regularly because dust is attracted to that screen like a bee to honey.
Perfect. (Report Review)
Aug 24, 2011 by Colton
Consumer rating: (5)
I would highly recommend this tv to anyone looking for an amazing television with great picture,sound and overall quality.

The cosmetic look of this tv will sell it alone because it looks so nice by itself.

Picture quality:
Incredible the colors are right on with amazing detail.

Sound :
The sound is very good for being so slim.

Remote :
Very nice remote design and easy to understand.

Overall this tv is very nice and for anyone looking for one I would highly recommend this one because it has so many features and it works amazingly well.
Pros:  Great picture,
Great sound,
Nice looking and works good.
Cons:  None.
Sleek Design & Good Quality (Report Review)
Aug 22, 2011 by jonathon
Consumer rating: (5)
This is the 2nd Plasma TV that I bought (the first one is a Panasonic one) and I can tell you that this is soooo much better than the Panasonic one. I always trust Samsung and they delivered once again. From the quality to the design, everything is just right. I only have 1 problem which I'll explain later in this review.

- Just the first glance at this TV and I love it. It looks soo fancy and modern. This caught my eyes instantly and I'm sure it would catch yours too!

- The quality is as good as the appearance which I'm happy to say! The graphic is soo bright and colorful. Everyone in my family said it looks wonderful! The graphic is soo eye piercing and just captures your eyes.

- Well.. it's the same as any other TV in my opinion. Maybe it's better but I can tell you that "5" on the samsung TV is like "10" on my Panasonic one so that's really good!

- Just like the TV itself, the remote control is cool too! It looks really fancy and sleek and and there's also a button which lights up all the button in case it's dark which is really cool!

- This is one of the best TV I ever bought and everything makes up for it!
Pros:  - Modern Design
- Amazing Graphic/Quality
- Audio is a blast
Cons:  - The control on the TV is really hard to see since it's like in the TV. So w/out the remote control, it's kinda hard to tell especially in the dark and old people.

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