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Rossignol Diva MagTek Womens Snowboard 2012 Product Reviews

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Rossignol Diva MagTek Womens Snowboard 2012

Rating: (5.00)
Reviews: 2

Best snowboard ever (Report Review)
Sep 28, 2011 by briidope
Consumer rating: (5)
The Rossignol Diva MagTek Womens Snowboard 2012 is a really great high quality snowboard. It allows you to speed down mountains with very little or no friction. It glides very gently and assures you that you are going your fastest. I really love the Rossignol Diva MagTek Womens Snowboard 2012 because it gives me full control. I also love the cuteness of the designs! The Rossignol Diva MagTek Womens Snowboard 2012 is a great board for begginers or experienced riders. I feel very stable when I ride on the Rossignol Diva MagTek Womens Snowboard 2012. This was an amazing adventure and I dont think that I will buy anyother snowboard! When my daughter takes snowboarding lessons she will be using this board. I always get compliments when out and about on the slopes with my Rossignol Diva MagTek Womens Snowboard 2012. I really think that anyone interested in buying a board should really consider this one even if it is around $500 it was very well worth it. You will not regret your decision, you\'ll fall in love with it like i did!
Pros:  smooth ride
cute designs
very versatile (Report Review)
Sep 27, 2011 by Dakota
Consumer rating: (5)
The Rossignol Diva MagTek (Magne-Traction and Amptek) is a Mary Poppins bag of technology which gets to work with incredible results. This high end all mountain freestyle board comes with a lot of hype and all the performance to silence the harshest of critics. The Diva is made for the aggressive girl rider looking for performance and response from park to pow.

Amptek means camber between your feet, then rocker from there on out, making the Diva the perfect all mountain party board. Amptek shines through in the park, with stable air time and soft, forgiving landings for those painful learning streaks. This board is super fast and so light you’ll find yourself flying to new levels off the kickers, and maybe sneaking in that extra 180 with the Diva’s low swing weight. Then switch it up on this directional twin for some easy, jaw-dropping moves. The Magne-Traction keeps out of your way on the box and the rocker keeps you sweet to clear badly dug in rails, then pull off some impressive nose and tail presses – too easy! Butters are smooth and flow like a dream, while the carbon, Kevlar and biaxial fibre core makes for astounding pop and effortless ollies, leaving you with enough energy for après ski tabletop dancing.

The Diva is so versatile you can float through powder like you’ve been dieting for a decade, then hold on through hard-packed race course ice like a mammoth on a knife-edge, all in the same run. The Magne-Traction really gets to work when the terrain gets evil and the edge digs in like an afterburner on steroids, to keep you up and in control and oblivious to mother gravity’s wrath. The camber between your feet means all out aggressive, fast and hard carving, and not to mention smooth – compared to many other women’s specific boards, the Diva absorbs bumps like Pacman. This board doesn’t give up on you, no matter how hard you push it.

Fast response edge to edge transfer completes an effortless day of dynamic, fun and hard out riding on the Diva, without the need for a day off to recover. This board gives you the confidence you need to take your riding to a new level, and has all the performance and technology to keep you progressing. Riding has never been so fun and versatile. Rossignol has set the bar.
Girls – don’t let your boyfriend get his hands on this Diva.

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