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Ipad2 Product Reviews

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Brand: Apple
Rating: (5.00)
Reviews: 8

A great update! (Report Review)
Aug 29, 2011 by MustachedPillow
Consumer rating: (5)
The new iPad 2 has brought many improvements to the iPad table, and all of them have been wonderful!

The thinner design makes the iPad 2 so much better than the first. The iPad 2 is now much more portable, making it a necessity for vacations and trips.

Another thing that makes it great for vacations and trips is the new cameras! The new iPad 2 has a powerful (i'm not sure how powerful) exterior camera great for taking photos and videos in all types of light, and the great new interior camera that is excellent for taking photos of yourself in the famed app Photo Booth and for using the new app FaceTime to video chat with all of my friends.

I love the famous Mac apps that have been recreated for the iPad 2, like Photo Booth, Pages, iMovie, and Keynote. All of those multi-function, powerful Mac apps now available for the iPad 2. Possibly the best thing ever.

Another thing that I love about the iPad 2 is that it can run all of our favorite iPhone apps, but now they have them in HD format just for the iPad! Now I can play Fruit Ninja using the spectacular graphics of the iPad 2!

The last thing I will mention here is not directly about the iPad 2, but about the amazing Smart Cover that goes with it. The Smart Cover is a flexible screen cover turned iPad stand turned traction on tables. Its multiple panels bend to create shapes to hold up your iPad when sitting on a table or to create a screen protector when it's not in use. The Smart Cover really is smart.

Overall, the iPad 2 is a wonderful update from the iPad, and is definitely a must-buy for all people, big and small.
upgraded from the predecessor (Report Review)
Aug 28, 2011 by rickrusselrocks
Consumer rating: (5)
When i got the iPad original a year ago, i was like WOW (i speak for both my wife and i) and now that the new iPad 2 has come out and i have been using it for a couple months (i was waiting for the price to go down just a little bit lower) i am like CAN THIS PIECE OF TECHNOLOGY GET ANY BETTER?????? The thing i love about this is the ability to take pictures, because we went on a vacation recently and i used this to take all the pictures and they came out GREAT, and i was able to post a Facebook message with the photos because of the added 3g feature that i sprung for on the last iPad, and i still sprung for here :) and also once the second iPad came out, there were a FLOOD, and yes i mean FLOOD of new and improved apps that came out especially for iPad 2 that utilized every new feature, and exclusively the new camera! I also am a music lover, and the new app garage band lets me enjoy the great music not just by LISTENING to good music, but my CREATING music too, i love the smart instrument feature for people that aren't experienced with the real versions! I CAN'T WAIT FOR IPAD 3
The best tablet out there (Report Review)
Aug 27, 2011 by lainy
Consumer rating: (5)
Portability of this thing is amazing, Its light and its easy to lug around when you are traveling. Also the battery life is exceptional, I'm bad at keeping my devices charged up and I have done a couple of 8 hour trips and my ipad was stil kicking when I landed and a few days after, Im truely surprized.

For those of you debating between the 3GAT&T, 3GVerison or the Wifi version, it depends on where you go to. I had the original 32 wifi only and I was very happy with it I noticed I got Wi-Fi access at a lot of places and I could also use the wifi hot spot on my phone to connect however, in recent travels I have been sent to middle of nowhere america where AT&T has no 3G coverage and hotels have no wifi (yes they are out there, hotels that still have no wifi) after I returned from my last trip to said location I decided I should get the Verizon iPad simply from the coverage perspective and since the 3G service is not on contract and the Verizon plans have more options I decided that was my choice. Now is this the best option for everyone, no! I think the 3G is just for a small amount of users the vast majority should be fine with a 16GB or a 32GB, if you know your way around the app market place and apps like Air Video Server and tools like DVD Fab and TVersity you dont need that much storage space on your iPad you can simply stream everything. Besides, I have a 32GB and I have 57 videos loaded in that 32GB iPad which if I watch 10-12 on a trip it is an overstatement, I'll watch a few on the plane but the rest, Im streaming from my Media Center at home or from NetFlix. When talking to people in line I was shocked at the number of people looking for the Verizon version when they do not travel, people if you are home most of the time just use your wifi, its cheaper and its faster! Another thing to note is that if you are an international traveller and want 3G the Verizon iPad is NOT Global wireless (so no 3G anywhere outside of the US) however wifi will work just fine.

You will see people complain about resolution and such and honestly, I think the resolution is perfect, the iPad is not meant to replace your laptop or your desktop or your TV, if it was why they would have bothered with airplay? If you are expecting to dump your laptop because you got an iPad think again, if you just use your laptop for browsing pages and playing games then you might get away with it however if you expect to do Office on these, think again, until MS gets their act together and decides that IOS is another venue of revenue for them I will still need to carry my laptop around to do word/excel/ppt files. Lack of flash support has not bothered me, yes I wish I could see some pages however, Im not in to the too flashy stuff (no pun intended) I rather get the straight text and keep going my only gripe would be that when Im conected via WiFi I would like to get full pages and not the mobile version however that is not an iPad problem it is a server problem.

Overall my score goes as follows
Comfort and portability A+
Battery Life A+
App Diversity and usability A+
Interface A+
Expandibility C (I dont need a USB port or anything like that however it is annoying that if I ever needed and expansion either I have to pay for an adapter or its not available)
TV Out Support B+ (simply judging that for HDMI you have to buy the dongle)
Cammera Quality C (who needs a cammera in their iPad anyways? Face time sure, rear facing meh)

Other thoughts:

Get a screen protector, I tried the Invisible Shield for my Gen 1 and hated it, the material removes the slickness of the screen and makes it harder to interact. I like the Splash screen protector, it is like its not there and it does make cleaning a bit easier.
Get a case this thing is beautiful but if you would like to maintain its resale value get a case that cover both front or back or separate covers, I think the Vapor case hack is pretty interesting.
upgraded from the first (Report Review)
Aug 24, 2011 by golfcartdriver
Consumer rating: (5)
note: i have quite an unusual story about acquiring and using the first iPad, you can check it out if you want.

Ipad 2. Just saying it makes me utterly happy that apple has come out with something so SIMPLE to the feel and touch but does SO MUCH, and that is exactly what the iPad 2 is. When i went into the apple store that day, just out of curiosity, i was met with the wonder that is the iPad 2, it is an ingenious piece of equipment that improves upon the first iPod, and considering that the first iPod was so amazing, this is DOUBLE as amazing, in my eyes. I loved going on a vacation and being able to take photos, and video, and on the 3g network instantly email it to all my friends, then post the videos on youtube for all my friends to see all in the blink of an eye, which this versatile iPad which does the impossible: compiles all kids of technology that you would need multiple devices for and make them into one. Also, using my canon powershot, i can upload photos onto my iPad then upload them too. BUY IT ITS AMAZING
Amazing Tablet Computer (Report Review)
Aug 23, 2011 by Yoon
Consumer rating: (5)
The Ipad 2 is an amazing tablet computer that still continues to strive and go very strong just like the original Ipad. Like I said before in my previous reviews, the Apple brand reassured me that their products will be worth it. The Ipad 2 did not dissappoint!

What Can you do with it?
You can do a lot! From the start you can use the web browser, facebook, twitter, skype, or whatever other apps you can get (TONS of apps to choose from). You can even get writing applications or other applications to use for school or work. Someone I saw had a pen that wrote even on the Ipad I believe! You can also watch movies and listen to music and is very convenient on trips.

The look of it is nice and is very easy to handle! Be careful not to break it! I would suggest getting a case because accidentally breaking it would be bad.

The Ipad 2 is pretty pricey though! If you had to decide between an Ipad 2 and a laptop then I would go with a laptop first because with a laptop, you can do much more and some laptops are even cheaper. However, if you are looking for a tablet computer, then an Ipad 2 is worth it. Make sure to research about other tablet computers as well!
Pros:  The pros are quality, apps, and look.
Cons:  The con is that it is pretty expensive.
A Top –Notch Product of Apple (Report Review)
Aug 08, 2011 by qahtesham
Consumer rating: (5)
Apple is undoubtedly the pioneer manufacturer of iphones, ipads, and iphone accessories and of course ipad accessories as well. Their products are dominating the market, and their demand is increasing day by day. I have used several phones and laptops of iphone, and they have really comforted me. Not only their looks are exceptional with the quality and functional options, but also the precision and re-sale value of Apple iphones and ipad is matchless. I am really fond of ipads and iphones, and like to keep myself updated with the latest technology in iphones and ipads. After a terrific response received by ipad, apple came up with ipad2, and soon were the accessories in too. I was very anxious for it too like many of my other friends. This top –notch product was launched in a Touch Screen Tablet design. Weighing only 601g, this product has the attractive feature of multi-touch. It comes with camera on both side, the primary camera is 9.2 mega pixels with a 5x zoom, whereas the secondary is VGA. The USB connectivity, Bluetooth and memory are same as of ipad. It provides the users with operating system iOS4, and browser in it is Safari. Wholesale ipad and wholesale iphone accessories are doing a fines business now days. I was a bit concerned initially with the battery that it may cause trouble occasionally, but nothing like this happened. In fact like my simple phone, this product has a long life battery. Many of the people do criticize its high price, but I think it is justified by its amazing features and quality and re-sale value. Yes-the resale value. Many people, especially teenagers like to keep changing their phone, usually they sale the previous one like me. I had to buy the iphone 8G, so I sold this. And after even 2 years, I suffered a loss of $10 only!

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