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Fire Magic 3339 / 3537 Charcoal Grill Product Reviews

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Fire Magic 3339 / 3537 Charcoal Grill

Brand: Fire Magic
Rating: (2.00)
Reviews: 1

not a good grill at all (Report Review)
Oct 30, 2011 by briidope
Consumer rating: (2)
The Fire Magic 3339 / 3537 Charcoal Grill is a terrible grill because the first time I used it the paint peeled off and the smells ruined the food. The Fire Magic 3339 / 3537 Charcoal Grill will rust and ruin its overall out appearance. I thought that they had just given me a dud so I returned it back to the seller and got a new one. Not surprisingly the same thing happened again. I refused to buy another one for that same reason. I called customer service and they said that it was normal for the paint to peel because of the high temperature. So much for quality. I think Fire Magic should have thought this one through. Why would they want the paint to peel off? I would not recommend this grill to anyone because of my unpleasant experience. This grill was not worth the money I paid for it at all. The Fire Magic 3339 / 3537 Charcoal Grill is way overpriced in my opinion. This changed my whole view of Fire Magic grills and products. Do not buy this grill because it is a waste of your money.

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