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Samsung Galaxy Tab (Wi-Fi) Product Reviews

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Samsung Galaxy Tab (Wi-Fi)

Brand: Samsung
Rating: (3.43)
Reviews: 7

Not the best (Report Review)
Aug 27, 2011 by lainy
Consumer rating: (2)
If you want a tablet that does absolutely everything you need and want it to do, the Samsung Galaxy Tab is NOT the one you want to choose.

It's hard to operate, and doesn't have many features. The app store is EXTREMELY hard to use, and doesn't have nearly as many apps as other app stores, especially the iOS App Store.

The only good things I can say about this tablet are that it is smaller and less bulky than its far superior iPad 2 and iPad, and plays back perfect HD videos.

Overall, this tablet is nothing compared to the ease of use and majesty of the Apple iPad.
Pros:  Small and portable
1080p HD videos
Cons:  Hard to use
Limited apps
Limited features
can't compare to iPad 2 (Report Review)
Aug 26, 2011 by golfcartdriver
Consumer rating: (4)
I was at my friend's house the other day and he had one of these galaxy tabs, and let me tell you, this cannot even come CLOSE to Apple's iPad 2, nor apples first iPad, for it just lacks the easiness of operation, and the features. No contest: the store for purchasing apps is very hard to use, and doesn't have NEARLY as much content as the App Store does. The only couple things i would say is good about this tablet is the far that it is a bit smaller, and less bulky than the iPad 2, and the internet browser is VERY easy to use, and lastly, the price is a bit lower than that of the iPad 2, but those are the three, and ONLY three things that i like about this tablet, the others can't compare to the iPad. so all in all i would rank this an average tablet but those are the two, and ONLY two things that i like about this tablet, the others can't compare to the iPad.
Pros:  -The price is a bit cheaper
-it is a bit smaller, less bulky
- The internet browser is really good, easy to use
Cons:  -store for purchasing apps can't compare
-operating system, except for internet browser, all in all is very hard to use
I love it! (Report Review)
Aug 24, 2011 by Colton
Consumer rating: (4)
After using this product of a few months compared to the original ipad I've found this one to a great competitor.

The audio sounds absolutely incredible!
It plays back in true 1080P perfect for people wanting to watch videos on the go and not to mention the adobe flash and android browser included make this thing incredible.

Usually I get up to around 7 hours of battery life while in use with this tablet.

This is a very nice tablet and if you're comparing it to the IPAD I would definitely buy this one.
Pros:  1080P video,
Great Audio,
Adoble flash and android browser,
Very clear!
Cons:  Battery life could have been a bit better.
I wish it had a few more apps
Cute Tablet (Report Review)
Aug 21, 2011 by tona37211
Consumer rating: (4)
The Samsung Galaxy is quite useful when it comes to doing things. The Samsung galaxy tab allows me to access the internet from anywhere that offers Wi-Fi internet. I like the battery that comes with it since it offers me a long time in order to do what I need to do on the internet. I like the various applications that I can use and download for my tablet and the cost of one. When it comes to the price, its not nearly as bad as the Ipad at first but is also not as cheap as the Kindle either. I like both of those gadgets but when I used the Samsung Galaxy Tab, I just preferred it over the other styles.

The audio that I can play on the Samsung galaxy tab is available to me in the MP3 format along with other popular forms like the WMA or WAV files. The display on the Samsung Galaxy tab is also the WSVGA settings and has a good size pixel display compared to other tablets. The display size is just the right size and has just the right type of technology. The video’s that I am able to use on it is the MPEG format and the DIVX format. With the many formats that are available, I am surprised that the tablet is able to keep up with everything. Everything is changing so fast that it makes it hard to keep your gadgets current and up to date. My tablet offers me updates which makes it even easier for me to keep up on all the new updates to the software and applications available to my tablet. I wish they had these around when I was little because I sure now that my kids enjoy it as well.
Pros:  Is just as nice as a Kindle or IPad!
Cons:  Is a little more expensive than an Kindle.
eh. (Report Review)
Aug 21, 2011 by Neon
Consumer rating: (3)
I agree with the reviewer below. This tablet has many shortcomings. I bought this for my vacation. I decided either a e reader or a tablet. I eventually decided to get a tablet, as you can see. I have own this tablet for 2 months and there are some minor mishaps with it. However it keep reoccurring which made me very unsatisfied with the product.
The major one is speed. This tablet is very slow. It is approximately 1/3 the speed of my Phone 4. It takes a long time to load pages, which is a bad thing because I like to browse the internet. Text loading takes forever. Sometimes the text load by every few lines. It also takes forever to load files. I had some pictures on my tablet and it takes around 7 seconds for each picture to load completely. It was a but annoying, and it took me so long to finish looking all the pictures. Video loading is also average at best. Sometimes I have to pause you tube videos and wait for it to buff a bit before I can watch it because I don\'t want to pause every 5 second to wait for the video to load.

However, the tablet is cheaper than average. the touchscreen is accurate and big. The overall aesthetic design of the tablet is not bad. It looked very nice, which is why I bought it. However it is decent. I don\'t really recommend getting this tablet. You can probably get a better deal with another tablet. I mean, it wasn\'t a complete waste of money, but I\'m not 100% satisfy with it, unlike other electronic devices i bought before. So if you have the money to spend, you should probably get a different tablet.
Pros:  Look nice
Cons:  Slow
Not a perfect Android Device (Report Review)
Aug 09, 2011 by Blue Eyes
Consumer rating: (3)
I am trying an Android device for the very first time, and it may not be my last usage. It has many attractive and useful features. I have used this tablet for few weeks after purchasing, and then it continuously showing minor problems. This fact was causing irritation for me to use it further in a future.

I am feeling a bitter taste in my mouth due to wasting my money to buy this Android product. I was not able to make my data private while I was using this tablet. I have used many 3G mobiles and other devices, and I know better about their speed. Why I am discussing the speed of 3G here, because this tablet has a much lower speed than a normal 3G device? I have searched to know about in-depth analysis of this problem. It was clear for me after researching on the Internet that its processor is of older generation. Similarly, its graphics are much slower than any other counterpart device.

Therefore, it mostly shows a hanged screen, or I have to wait for a long time to open a simple file in this tablet. I am using Samsung products for a long time, and they never frustrated me due to maintaining quality, but I am not contented from this particular device.

This is very shameful for me to show this device to any of my friends, because they are not interested to waste their time by just waiting for opening a file. The other feature which has not changed my mind to recommend this to anyone is its worst WiFi technology.

It is also outdated and will not be detected by any other WiFi device for using the internet on the tablet. Its performance will be slower than a non 3G device, and it will be disappointing for you after paying much more money than a simple 3G device. I do not like the overall functions of this device, and so I will never recommend this Android device.

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