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VTech CS5111 Cordless Phone, Silver/Black, 1 Handset Product Reviews

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VTech CS5111 Cordless Phone, Silver/Black, 1 Handset

Rating: (4.50)
Reviews: 6

Good Phone...Bad Style! (Report Review)
Sep 05, 2011 by Naj
Consumer rating: (3)
After my home phone broke, I was looking for a cheap replacement. Like most households now are not using their home phones, I still keep a home phone just in case, and talk to the occasional telemarketer that get passed the Do Not Call list(j/k) Well I was looking for reliable, caller ID, high frequency that won't interfere with my wireless network, Back lit, and most importantly Cheap. I have purchased V-Tech before and had no problems. At first I was skeptical but I have come to give some cheaper brands a try. It is easy to set up. The buttons are nice and big, Caller ID back lighting is great, enough to see when it rings in the dark. It does not interfere with my wireless network which is important cause we have 4-6 computers/laptops connected. The sound is clear and crisp. You cannot go wrong with this phone and its price.
All In All.....I have had Phones in the past....But not like this.........This has topped the list As One of the best i have ever gotten and Used! Sure it may have a few bugs........But it Still is Good!Iusing this phone daily can lower the battery which is Drained quickly..but it has A fast charging time.......I've used and had this phone for at Least 7 months now and have not had any real problems with...!
Pros:  The Crystal Clear Sound!
Cons:  The Design!
Pretty decent. (Report Review)
Sep 01, 2011 by Colton
Consumer rating: (4)
I bought this phone from a friend that didn't need a home phone anymore since he switched completely over to a cell phone.

Overall it's a pretty decent phone and it does the job the only problem I've ever had with it is that it loses reception pretty easily if you get it near computers or electronics.

For some reason whenever you get it near certain electronics the reception just goes really fuzzy and people you hear can't hear you.

Without being near electronics the phone works flawless and it's one of the best I've ever used because distance really isn't an issue for it.

Battery life on the phone is generally pretty good as long as you charge it every night before you go to bed or something.

It last usually all day with a full charge.
The design of the phone is pretty nice and the caller ID is super easy to use.

The only downfall with this particular model is that it doesn't have an answering machine but if you have vonage or something you can set that up manually through them and the messages go to your voice mail.

Overall it's a good phone for the price with a minor flaw of not being able to get near electronics for some reason.
Pros:  Good for the price,
Good reception for the distance,
Nice back lighting,
Easy caller ID
Cons:  Loses reception when near certain electronics.
All I could ask for in a house phone (Report Review)
Aug 29, 2011 by briidope
Consumer rating: (5)
Usually Im not very picky when it comes to choosing house phones because hey, its just a house phone right? But I love this phone because its so easy to dial numbers, screen is easy to see in the dark, has a long range and can store my contacts easily.
Pros:  Long range, clear reception, easy to use and navigate
Cons:  i hate the antenna!
Good (Report Review)
Aug 21, 2011 by Neon
Consumer rating: (5)
This is a perfect cordless phone. I mean there isn't much to look at for a home phone. You just need one that is cheap and does the job done, which my old home phone does not. It frequently did not work so i decided to guy buy one. Ironically, I picked this out because it was cheap not because of its features. However when I bought it home, I was greatly satisfy with how it work.
It has many great features that are very helpful. You can listen to other phone conversation with this because of its 5.8 GHz frequency. It also have a nice caller Id feature. It will save the past 20 caller's phone number, so you don't have to write it down. It also comes with interchangeable ringtones, and you can pick from the variety. It is small and sleak. I accidentally drop it once but it did not break and it seemed complete normal after the incident. So there is no need to worry that it is fragile.The brightness of the phone is adjustable. This is a very good feature because it is a cordless phone so you can bring it anywhere, and sometimes the lighting will be different for each room. The buttons are very easy to press and are very strong. They do not break at all. The phone, itself is very simple to use. You can open it and start hooking it up in 5 minutes with any hassle whatsoever. The volume is also very loud, so you can hear what the other person is saying. All in all, it is really a good phone. It is cheap and it does what a home phone should do. So I really recommend this product to anyone who needs a new home phone.
Pros:  Cheap
Caller Id
Cons:  none
An exceptional Product (Report Review)
Aug 20, 2011 by tona37211
Consumer rating: (5)
If you are looking for a basic cordless phone and are looking for a phone that is inexpensive, this would be the phone for you. I purchased this phone for my daughter who is going to college and is looking for a phone that will let her dial out when she needs to and that will allow her to see who is calling when they do call. Most importantly it will let her know when I am calling and when she can avoid answering the phone.

I like the fact that it is harder for others to listen in on her phone conversations as it has a 5.8 GHz frequency that will not interfere with other wireless networks in the area. It will save the phone numbers in the phonebook directory that has room for 20 callers. I also like that it has room for the last 45 caller id’s who called in last. I also like the selectable ringtones that come with the phone. I hate a plain ringer tone and this way, when I call, she will know its me. I also appreciate the fact that the phone is a energy star qualified product allowing me to save money when it comes to using the phone. I am the one who is paying her expenses mainly and I could use as much spare change in my pocket that will fit.

Of all the different phones that are on the market, I personally liked this one the best because of everything that it had to offer to everyone. Anyone who uses her cordless phone is going to understand how to use it since it is so simple to use and because its so cheap, if it breaks, I can easily replace it without having to worry about a warranty. Overall, a good experience and good product.
Pros:  works long range
Cons:  is a cheap cordless phone
Cordless phone with a long range (Report Review)
Aug 09, 2011 by Blue Eyes
Consumer rating: (5)
I have searched a number of telephone sets for my home and after in-depth analysis of different features and prices, I have decided to buy VTech Cordless phone. I bought this phone due to another reason that it is available in a very smart size and on an affordable price.

I think that my wishes have been come true within my budget limit after purchasing this phone. I like working speed and range to receive signals, and I can hear a natural and clear sound of the other person who is calling on my number. It is also a light-weight phone, and my office is nearby my home, so I used to take this into my office, and I am able to receive any call. Its buttons are also very soft and easy to press, and I feel an easiness to dial any phone number. The buttons are very prominent on the hand set, and easy to push.

I am very glad to see its screen, because its brightness is adjustable in the room and in a sun-drenched place. I can read a number easily anywhere and dial my required number from this hand set. I have observed that its dialing speed is not so much faster as in most of the other phones.

So, it may not be liked for some people who are using this phone as the telephone exchange where a phone is dialed repetitively. This phone is also available with a loud speaker facility, so it is easy for me to listen and continue a conversation with a person while I am busy in another task at my home.

This phone is not bad due to its unique features. It is the best phone for a separate bedroom, and you can also use it as your personal phone. I like its overall features, so I recommend VTech Cordless Phone.

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