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Apple iPod touch 4th Generation (8 GB) MP3 Player Product Reviews

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Apple iPod touch 4th Generation (8 GB) MP3 Player

Brand: Apple
Rating: (3.75)
Reviews: 4

ipod touch 4 awesome (Report Review)
Aug 30, 2011 by mrnomnom9
Consumer rating: (5)
i got the ipod touch 4 for my 11 and 13 year old kids and the love it. they can surf the web play games listen to music and all sorts of stuff. the amazing contraptions are virtually indestructible. and the hold a charge for a very long time. there is even an app that lets them text and call people. some of these apps are free witch is a relief to me and my wife. we occasionally let them buy apps that are not free. and its nice because they can hook to a computer so you can have you computer and you ipod synced. and the stores to buy music and apps is right in the ipod. i also like how many apps there are for my kids to choose from. you can also take pictures and video and edit your pics and videos witch my son and daughter have used a lot. it is also verry thin and light and very portable. it also charges very fast. this incredible device can be bought with different memory capacities. you can also get skins to change it color. this device is so great i even use it. i think any one who gets this will love it and will use it forever. that is my. thanks
The perfect gift! (Report Review)
Aug 29, 2011 by MustachedPillow
Consumer rating: (5)
The 4th generation iTouch is the perfect gift for any teen or tween kid. All kids seem to love the unforgettable touch screen, millions of apps, and endless capabilities of this iPod.

I think that what kids like most about the iTouch is that it's like having their own iPhone. The iTouch is pretty much an iPhone, but it has none of the calling or texting capabilities of the iPhone, so it's the perfect substitute for kids who just keep begging and begging you to get their very own iPhone.

The iTouch has all the same graphics, touch screen, and most importantly, apps of the iPhone. Kids love the millions of apps to choose from; it gives them hours of playtime, perfect for long car or plane rides. Some of my kid's favorite apps (and mine too) include Doodle Jump, Cut the Rope, Angry Birds, and Fruit Ninja, which all utilize the amazing capabilities of this thin, portable device such as its touch screen and accelerometer.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a hi-tech teen or tween, the 4th generation iTouch is the choice that both you and them will love.
ipod touch 4g (Report Review)
Aug 22, 2011 by westiesrock
Consumer rating: (0)
his past christmas i decided i was going to purchase the 4th generation ipod touch. I previously had had the most recent ipod nano but without the camera.The iPod Touch 4th generation makes older models of the ipod touch look fat in comparison. The mirrored back surface still scratches easily, and rounds the glass off to an almost razor-thin edge. Past iPod’s had much larger, rounder edges – this iPod is by far the sleekest out of all. The power/standby button has finally been moved over to the right side, as on the iPhone. The volume rocker has thicker, rounded buttons which are easy to press, though iOS4 on the iPod does not support quick mute like on the iPad.Performance is stellar. It seems silly that each new i-pod device is considered snappy and fast thanks to performance boosts, yet the same applies with this iPod Touch. There isn’t a faster mobile device on the market today.Past iPod touch models had qualities that made them seem less professional less clean looking. The Wi-Fi antenna showing, thick rounded edges, etc. The iPod Touch 4th generation, however, does not. It’s clean, crisp, and looks and feels great. The thinness of the design is excellent for holding in a pocket, though like the Nano, it’s easy to forget because it’s so light and thin. Yet with that small frame, the iPod is still tough. Users can safely play a game of ball with the Touch in a pocket. I’ve on more than a few occasion forgot it was even there.What is more significant is the improved brightness and contrast. The difference in lights and darks has been significantly improved over previous models.
Best MP3 you will ever find. (Report Review)
Jul 26, 2011 by rockinalex21
Consumer rating: (5)
I got the 4th gen. Ipod Touch as a Christmas present and when I played around with it for a while I only had one word for it: Amazing. The 4th gen. Ipod Touch features many improvements from the other Ipod Touch’s. Before I got this Ipod I was the owner of a 3rd gen. Ipod Touch, so after playing around a little with my new Ipod I instantly noticed some of the changes. First off, Safari received a major improvement and know it runs faster and cleaner. Next, the size of the device is slimmer and it has a nice 3.5 inch touch screen. One of the biggest changes that comes with this new Ipod is that it features both a front-facing and rear-facing camera. The front-facing camera can be used with apps such as facetime or tango to video chat with others who have either the new ipod, or an android phone with a front-facing camera. One of the bad things about the rear-facing camera is that the picture quality isn’t as great is it would be on an Iphone.
This new ipod is definitely a great investment because with it comes new support for new apps such as the Find My Iphone app which can be used to locate your ipod if it gets lost or stolen. Originally, I was going to get an Iphone but why get that when I got get this Ipod that does everything an Iphone can do without the monthly carrier bill. A few cons that I noticed about this ipod is that the battery life seems to be much shorter, but this can be fixed by lowering the screen brightness and turning off wifi when not in use. Also, a major con is that if the screen cracks then basically your out of luck because instead of being able to buy a new screen and have it replaced, this ipod is put together differently in a factory so you would either have to buy a new ipod or live with it.
The one thing that really impressed me about this ipod is the speed. Incredibly, it can download apps or surf the web in just a few seconds. Apps open very fast and the ipod is very responsive to touch. Instead of calling this ipod the Ipod 4th Generation it should be renamed to Ipod the BEST generation. This incredible device has not disappointed me yet and I don’t even think it will in the future. I can’t wait to see how apple could possibly top this ipod with the ipod 5th gen. I recommend everyone there is to buy it. Whether your 8 or 80 you will enjoy using this ipod because it is very user friendly and soon your whole life will start to revolve around it.

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