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HP Pavilion a6157c Desktop PC Product Reviews

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HP Pavilion a6157c Desktop PC

Brand: HP
Rating: (4.00)
Reviews: 4

Still running. (Report Review)
Aug 24, 2011 by Colton
Consumer rating: (3)
I bought this computer in 2007 but it still holds its own and runs well.

The dual core processor included with this computer seems to keep every day applications going with hardly and issues.

It comes with 2gb's of memory but I would recommend that if you're buying it just buy an additional 2gb's of memory to pop it up to 4 to avoid any issues.

The sound card included in this computer is also pretty decent for its time and I haven't found anything that really bugs this computer out either.

Overall the price I paid for this computer back in the day was worth it because it's still going and if you can get a bargin deal on the web or around at a garage sale or something I would say it's probably a good computer to pick up if you get it at a decent price.
Pros:  Works well after many years,
Fast processor,
Decent memory,
good audio.
Cons:  Older.
Older Model but Good Computer System (Report Review)
Aug 09, 2011 by tona37211
Consumer rating: (4)
I personally love my HP Pavilion a6157c computer. It was made a few years ago but it did come with a good amount of memory installed in it. The memory installed came in at 2 GB and the most that it would allow me to install later on was 4 GB. This is actually quite a bit of memory for the time when this computer was first introduced.

The memory that this computer holds is the type of ram that is popular now a days and was extremely common for newer computers several years ago. The 240 pin DDR2 ram is great since it is a newer and more popular type of computer back then. I love the size of the hard drive since it came with a 320 GB SATA 3G hard drive. This allowed me a good amount of space and storage for items that I had to have installed. I love to do digital scrapbooking and therefore need a good amount of space to have all my scrapbooking kits installed on.

The CD drive on the computer features a DVD burner that writes CD’s for you at a speed of up to 12X’s. When you burn re-writable discs, the speed is going to slow down on you some but when you write a plan CD-R disc, the speed is much faster.

The computer features a modem that operates on the 56 K speed however, you can use one of the USB ports for an external USB wireless card. You also have space inside of the computer to place a wireless card into in order to make your computer a wireless computer.

The sound that you will get from the computer is going to be high definition audio that is made complete with the Realtek ALC sound card. The sound card features a 8 audio channels to give you surround sound when you plug in the speakers into your computer.

When this computer came out, it featured a memory card reader that will allow you to read a number of cards that can be loaded with either music or files along with a reader that will allow you to use a flash drive to keep all your important documents inside of. This is essential for kids who are now in school and need to have a flash drive to keep a number of papers on.
Pros:  Is a older model but newer components.
Has everything that you need.
Cons:  Has an older style modem.
Good one (Report Review)
Aug 06, 2011 by sws
Consumer rating: (4)
Good PC, but not powerful enough for gaming.
Great High Definition TV Companion (Report Review)
Aug 04, 2011 by DGSFreelancer
Consumer rating: (5)
This HP Pavilion a6157c desktop with Vista Premium Home, E4400 processor (2.0GHz), 320 Hard Drive, 2GB RAM, Integrated Intel 950 Accelerator graphics card is a good deal. I purchased this HP PC a few years back to hook up to my 46” Sony Bravia and have been using it as my TV tuner, radio, DVD movie player, picture viewer, and Internet surfing. It’s an older model and I had to recently upgrade it for HDMI hook up for better video quality. For the price I paid, $499.00, it has been a great addition to our entertainment center.
It came with an infrared keyboard, mouse, and remote control, so we can enjoy this computer from our living room couch. I hooked up decent speakers on it and when we watch movies or stream videos, we can enjoy great sounding and viewing entertainment. I hooked up cable TV through the tuner card and it’s like have a PVR using Windows Media.
Even though my HP Pavilion desktop is outdated, it is still very fast and serves it purpose sufficiently. I have not had to consider updating yet and when I do there are many websites and stores that hold upgrades for it. For what I paid for it and its apparent resell value, it scored when I decided to buy this desktop PC for my LCD TV.

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