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Elliptical Stepper Product Reviews

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Elliptical Stepper

Brand: NordicTrack
Rating: (4.50)
Reviews: 2

Exercise equipment (Report Review)
Aug 29, 2011 by tona37211
Consumer rating: (4)
I much like other buyers was skeptical ordering this piece of exercise equipment. I did not know if I would enjoy this piece of equipment or if I would even use it enough to be worth ordering this piece. I was really quite concerned that I would not get enough use out of it to purchase it and decided that I would go ahead and order it anyways. I figured if anything, I would donate it to my sister who is a exercise fanatic.

I am just glad that I did purchase this piece of exercise equipment. I enjoy the different workouts I get with this machine and like the fee I have in my legs now. I do a multiple of different exercise routines which make it difficult to work out my lower body alone without working out my upper body. This allows my lower body to get a workout while the top half is not as badly worked.

The price for this equipment was not as bad as others and was actually quite cheap compared to others htat I seen on the market. I would highly recoomend this piece of equipment to someone who is looking to get healthy and get fit. You can not go wrong with this purchase and that is why it had to order this product. I had read a large group of reviews and all of them had something good to say about this product and that is why I purchased it after carefully considering it. I did not know that I would get as much use out of it as I do and I actually find my teenage kids using this exercise equipment as well.

I am really pleased with it and when this one is no longer usable, I will purchase another one that is more up to date. I purchased a lower rated one actually because I did not want to spend as much money on a piece of equipment that I did not know if I was going to use or not and so therefore, I waited to see what deal I could get and found this one. It is not as fancy as others but as long as it gets the job done, that is all that matters.
Pros:  Works good
Cons:  is big
Best Gym for your home (Report Review)
Aug 14, 2011 by Blue Eyes
Consumer rating: (5)
I want to share my feeling with you that I was feeling hesitation before buying this Elliptical Stopper, because I was worried that it is useful in exercise or not. I am happy to say that it is able to help in exercise, and perform the perfect functions what I want from this product.

I can enjoy multi type exercise by this wonderful machine, including, martial arts training, inline skating and active cycling. These all features cannot be observed any other brand in similar price. Undeniably, I have got this machine because I have not any access to a municipal park to enjoy cycling, and I can take help from this machine like real cycling.

I can also do aerobic exercise by this machine, which is impossible in any other kind of product. I can perform indoor exercises and there is no need to move in outer cold climate. I like the quality of this particular elliptical stepper, because you can enjoy exercise like doing in a paid gym.

I am very much pleased with this product, and also its price is very reasonable for me as compared to pay high fees of a gym. This machine has been designed to make it durable for a long term, so you can enjoy exercise on this for many years. I used to do approximately four to five sessions of exercise on this machine daily, and it never dissatisfied me in any session.

I feel very easy to warm up my body by using this product, and in contrast, this machine does not change its performance. I like its hydraulic suspensions, because these are very useful to keep, the machine in a pre defined original condition. I like its overall features, and easy to do exercise on this, so I will definitely recommend this elliptical stepper to a busy person.

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