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Slim-Fast 3-2-1 Plan Creamy Milk Chocolate Shakes Product Reviews

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Slim-Fast 3-2-1 Plan Creamy Milk Chocolate Shakes

Brand: Curvex
Rating: (4.33)
Reviews: 3

Down right delicious (Report Review)
Sep 19, 2011 by briidope
Consumer rating: (4)
I have had such a hard time finding diets that work for me. They either are so disgusting, or do not work at all. The Slim-Fast 3-2-1 Plan Creamy Milk Chocolate Shakes really did work for me. Within a few weeks I could see results, and noticed that I was shedding a few pounds each week. It feels amazing to have something work after losing all hope. The Slim-Fast 3-2-1 Plan Creamy Milk Chocolate Shakes have restored my confidence. They taste really good, and you would not even think they were diet shakes. With the right amount of exercise and healthy eating, these things can do wonders. The directions are easy to follow, just replace one meal with a Slim-Fast 3-2-1 Plan Creamy Milk Chocolate Shake each day. I usually replaced lunch and instead ate something like a healthy sandwich or light snack. I wish they had different flavors because sometimes I get tired of drinking chocolate shakes everyday. These are really good and really worth it. I recommend this for anyone looking for a real diet plan.
Pros:  really works
tastes great
This is awesome! (Report Review)
Sep 17, 2011 by awesomeguy
Consumer rating: (5)
Not only does it work, but it is delicious!
Easiest diet ever, at least for me (Report Review)
Aug 06, 2011 by writergirl.m
Consumer rating: (4)
I've tried a lot of diets that didn't work or were just plain hard to stick with past the two-month mark. I know Slim-fast has been around forever, but I'd never tried their products until a friend mentioned she occasionally drank Slim-fast shakes when she needed a meal on the go, and they actually tasted pretty good. Well, if it tastes good and is convenient, it can't be too bad, right?

The idea behind it is pretty simple, and is actually spelled out on the box. You replace a certain number of meals each day with a calorie-controlled snack or Slim-fast shake, and eat one "balanced" meal each day. If you're using pre-portioned goodies for the snacks (like a piece of fruit and a cup of yogurt), then following the plan really couldn't be any simpler.

Following the plan helped me lose several pounds within a month! This is one of the easiest diets I've ever tried, simply because there isn't a lot of thought or work involved. Also, the shakes are pretty tasty for being "diet food", and aren't too expensive if you buy them while they're on sale at a mass retail store like Walmart.

Those are the pros; here are the cons. First, many people have no idea what a "balanced" meal is: about 500 calories, low in fat, with lots of vegetables and some lean protein. In other words, not half of a pizza! When you've been drinking diet shakes and eating fruit all day, eating a small, healthy meal can be hard.

The other problem is that it's easy to get bored with the routine. You end up watching the clock until your next shake or snack because you're hungry, but the same ol', same ol' doesn't feel satisfying. If you don't mind eating the same thing quite often it wouldn't be bad but some people might get really bored with the plan.

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