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West Bend 58030 30-Cup Coffee Maker Product Reviews

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West Bend 58030 30-Cup Coffee Maker

Brand: West Bend
Rating: (5.00)
Reviews: 3

A great choice for every occasion. (Report Review)
Aug 11, 2011 by DanaS
Consumer rating: (5)
We have owned this for our office for nearly 3years.I have observed the average life of this coffee maker is almost 7 years after using it all purpose. It is extremely useful for me as I organize little party all the time for my department. I bought my 1st one to make coffee by myself in a small seminar which I was responsible for organizing. Everyone enjoy West Bend 58030 30-Cup Coffee Maker's flawless service and it saved my day. I just dumped a bottle of water, a paper filter filters and Nescafe, black Roast coffee. It served hundred of guests without any single complaints. I have used this when I organized parties for our family get together. I personally like this cup of perked coffee. The percolator in the machine helps the coffee actually to cook slowly, which reduces the acid. I sometimes put the left over in refrigerator and warm it next day again; it seems everything is as fresh as before. This machine can be cleaned easily, doesn't matter how big it is. I am really convinced about its service and can easily you organizing party for at least 30 guests and serve them with taste of fresh brewing coffee in minute. The filters are very good and never allow to clogged or pass huge amount at a time. The price is also within range, it is not a large amount investment and I also bought another one few months back to make tea, I am really happy with both of them as it keep beverages hot for long time.
Pros:  It is a 30 cup automatic coffeemaker with both-way faucet for easy serving and catering. It helps in brewing 1 cup per minute and has automatic sensor for controlling heat. There is no chance of accidental spillage because it can tighten with twist lock. It comes with one year manufacturer guarantee.
Cons:  One problem I noticed about it is it gets heated up quite easily after few brewing.
Good For Large Groups (Report Review)
Aug 09, 2011 by tona37211
Consumer rating: (5)
If you are someone who is expecting to have a large gathering of some kind, are having a party or simply need to make a bunch of coffee at one time, then you need to look into the West Bend coffeemaker. I purchased this coffee pot because I have friends who come over every week for a book club and I end up making pot after pot of coffee. In this case, the West Bend coffee maker was just the answer that I was looking for.

The West Bend coffee maker is capable of making 30 cups of coffee at one time without having to stop and start again each time that you need more than 12 cups of coffee. This is really what made me choose to purchase this type of coffee maker rather than your standard, everyday coffee pot.

The coffee maker is going to brew a single cup of coffee in just one minute and will have an automatic temperature control setting that makes sure that your cup of coffee is the same as your last cup of coffee as far as heat is concerned. The coffee maker is going to have a twist lock cover that will prevent accidents from happening when you have an accidental spill of some sort.

I love the fact that it has a heat resistant handle that also comes with a base and lid. The filter basket is also a good thing to have which comes in handy for added safety when you are making coffee for a large number of people at one time.

You will enjoy all the coffee that can be made with this coffee maker. I sure know that I enjoy the coffee that this coffee maker makes as well as the book club attendees who come to enjoy a cup of hot coffee or tea each week with a fresh new batch of cookies that I have baked up that day.
Pros:  It does the job good and makes a bunch at one time.
Cons:  Could offer more options
Coffee maker used in gathering (Report Review)
Aug 07, 2011 by Blue Eyes
Consumer rating: (5)
If you have any function of gathering at your place, then West Bend 30 Cup Coffee maker should be included in your first priority products to serve your friends and family member. I have used this product in many functions held at my home, and it had helped me in each occasion. It can make one cup per minute. That is a faster speed, and it is not present in any other coffee maker.

I can control the temperature automatically so the quality of an end product has never changed. Sometime, it may be let down due to naughty children present in your function, and its unique locking system will protect any leakage on the ground. I have used this product in many functions, and resulted that it is one of the most necessary products for your party. I have purchased this from the branded store about eleven years before, and until now, it is working just like new one.

I have used this machine during my work as a receptionist and sales person in a well reputed firm, and then I have made many cups a day for customers and clients. I have used a gallon of water and high-quality paper filters to make a high standard coffee.

I have never noticed any complaint from my customer or clients regarding the change in an original taste. I also used to make tea from another pot that is present aside the pot used for coffee. i have never experienced the change in the temperature of hot pots used individually for tea or coffee.

I have used this machine to serve frequent people in a family gathering, and all the people are agreed upon the greater taste of the outcome coffee or tea. As, I have a good working experience with this West Bend 30 Cup Coffee maker, so no one can stop me to make a good review for this product.

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