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Bodum Columbia 1303 3-Cup Coffee Maker Product Reviews

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Bodum Columbia 1303 3-Cup Coffee Maker

Brand: Bodum
Rating: (5.00)
Reviews: 2

A pot fresh of French coffee every now and then. (Report Review)
Aug 11, 2011 by DanaS
Consumer rating: (5)
I bought this for my son a few years ago for his college dorm. He absolutely loves it. Pretty good insulation that keeps Coffee hot for an hour obliviously you have to keep the lid tight for proper temperature control. He uses this all the time in morning or at night. He sent me a long email about its utility after using it for month. He mentioned that Bodum Columbia 1303 3-Cup Coffee Maker press itself is made up of polyurethane a variety of silicon. It has lip right at the edge of the filter, this is actually better than stainless steel mesh, as most occasionally see on glass pots. I chose this for my son because, I don't want to give him the coffee maker made up of glass. He has record of breaking the pot several times before. He is using it several times and had no problem yet. We really enjoy his French press coffee with Bodum Columbia 1303 3-Cup Coffee Maker. The coffee is rich in flavor and aroma. I was so impressed with it when I first saw this one of my friend's house. I immediately looked at Amazon and bought it for my son. I also have a heavy duty coffee maker at home, thinking of buying this model to make easy coffee for myself, within minute. It is dishwasher safe, so it is quite easily to clean this handy pot.
Pros:  This is 12 oz thermal press for brewing French toast coffee or can be use for tea as well. It is made up of highly durable Double-walled stainless-steel construction, which keeps coffee hot. I really like the Elegant rounded design with polished chrome finish. The small size is easy to use in office, home or for travel.
Cons:  It is not god if you want to make 4 cup coffee at a time, as it is small it can only brew 1 cup of coffee.
Faster cofee maker (Report Review)
Aug 07, 2011 by Blue Eyes
Consumer rating: (5)
The best product I have purchased from the online market is the ‘Bodum Columbia 1303 three cup coffee maker’. This model is composed of a double stainless steel wall which acted as a thermal conductor for making tea and coffee. I like its two in one action that it also insulates the heat leakage to the environment, and through tea or coffee will remain hot for more than two hours.

The upper part has two positions that is close and open. So, after pouring the tea or coffee, I used to turn this cover on close position, and this method kept remaining material at higher temperatures than surrounding.

This feature makes it different from another automatic vacuum percolator. I have never suffered from change in the taste of tea or coffee inside it for many hours, and I used to drink like fresh during my travel to one place to anther.

This product may be luxurious for some persons, and they may avoid buying this for daily life. I think that it is one of the best coffee makers in the world, and it is very to use in any condition. It also contains a French Press, and I like the filter present in this part is wonderful for me. I have heard a sound of suction by pressing it down.

This sound appears in this filter, because it is fitted very tightly to the other body of a coffee maker. As a result of this tight filter, you will never find any piece of coffee grounds. This product is in use for many weeks in our house, and I have made numerous cups of tea and coffee from it, and the taste or quality has not changed, until now. So, I will recommend this product for each home owner to make coffee or tea in daily life.

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