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Frigidaire FRA256ST2 25000 BTU Thru-Wall/Window Air Conditioner Product Reviews

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Frigidaire FRA256ST2 25000 BTU Thru-Wall/Window Air Conditioner

Brand: Frigidaire
Rating: (5.00)
Reviews: 2

Frigidaire FRA256ST2, the Best Air Conditioning Unit for Every Household (Report Review)
Aug 11, 2011 by DanaS
Consumer rating: (5)
Air conditioners have become valued appliances in every household. But, not all homes have an outstanding air conditioner brand. There are still consumers who are not aware that there are a lot of brands in the market that promise false claims. Fortunately, before you can think of purchasing another unit, the Frigidaire FRA256ST2 25000 BTU Thru-Wall/Window Air Conditioner is already out in the market with features that are now enjoyed by many.
This air condition can cool a room with an area of up to 1,672 sq. ft. It is available with powerful remote and electronic controls that allow users to set the temperature with the use of the remote or the controls of the unit itself. It enables a pre-set room temperature to be kept as it is, because this unit is made with a thermostat. This air conditioner is also made available with a filter that takes dirt from the air and eliminates risky allergens and bacteria. It allows users to save money as it has a low-voltage operation.
Pros:  The installation of this air conditioning unit is very easy with the understandable instructions contained in its manual. It also comes with secure hardware. When this air conditioner is turned on, it can cool a room immediately after few minutes. It has a remote that shows users the current temperature of the room even when the unit is turned off. It has Energy Star certification that allows a household to save on energy. It operates quietly, offering a good sleep for everyone in the room. In addition, this air conditioning unit comes with a good look that makes it a common pick for a lot of consumers in the market nowadays.
Cons:  The power cord of this air conditioner may be different from an ordinary household cord and definitely will not be plugged in. This makes it important to prepare an outlet that can accommodate these plugs as you know it from little research.
Cooling at a Large Scale (Report Review)
Aug 11, 2011 by DanaS
Consumer rating: (5)
If you are looking for a large scale air conditioner then the Frigidaire FRA256ST2 Air Conditioner is definitely the best choice when all things are taken into consideration. With a shocking 25000 BTU cooling capacity that makes it effective in rooms of up to 1,672 square feet, there are few air conditioners that you will get with this level of performance with a similar price attached. The Frigidaire FRA256ST2 Air Conditioner is capable of performing dehumidification at a rate of up to 8 pints per hour. The controls are electronic and the remote is also available with full function capabilities. The fan has three speeds for both the fan and the cool functions. This heavy duty product comes in one color (white) and it has various energy saving capabilities such as the sleep mode. It has an antibacterial filter that is accessible by tilting it out.
Pros:  This heavy duty machine is quite efficient in terms of energy. Not only is it energy star certified but it also comes with various options and capabilities that will enable you to manage the amount of energy that you have to use. It comes with a one year full warranty while the sealed system comes with a full five year warranty. The electronic controls plus the remote control all make for ease of operation while the system also comes with a remote control lock. The auto-cool function is also quite good for keeping temperatures at a certain point. The tilt-out filter accessory makes it very easy to check, repair or even replace the filter if there is need for this. In sleep mode the operation of the air conditioner is practically noiseless ensuring you are not disturbed.
Cons:  The systems have been going out of stock as soon as they hit the shelves and this has become quite an inconvenience.

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