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True Match Super Blendable Powder Cool Shell Beige C4 Product Reviews

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True Match Super Blendable Powder Cool Shell Beige C4

Brand: L'Oreal
Rating: (5.00)
Reviews: 2

Great Choice for Powder (Report Review)
Aug 10, 2011 by tona37211
Consumer rating: (5)
I am someone who has to have makeup in order to step foot outside of my house. For this to happen, I have to have the right color and shades of any makeup that I am wearing. The one type of makeup that I have to have in order to look natural is the L’Oreal Paris True Match powder concealer.

What I like about this particular type of makeup is that it will not flake all over my skin or will it become chalky from wearing it over time. I also like the fact that it is oil free and that it is non-comedogenic.

The use of True Match is going to make sure that my skin tone is matched perfectly by using the enhancing pearl pigments that blend perfectly to my skin tone. I have a mixture of skin tones as I am darker on one portion of my body rather than another such as my arms where I get a good amount of sun but for my legs, they are duller than the rest of me. Therefore, I need something that is going to match in between one and the other. That is what True Match does for me.

I have tried almost every other type of makeup out there and most of them have not compared to this brand. The difference is the fact that this brand is affordable while the others were not. I do not want to spend a ton of money on something that I will only use when leaving the house and that’s what the other makeup choices were for me. Instead, I tried this one and I liked what it did for me and the fact that it was cheap was an added bonus.

Overall, I would highly recommend this makeup to anyone who is looking for a good choice of powder rather than liquid concealer.
Pros:  It covers well.
Can be used daily.
Won't clog pores.
Cons:  It is a powder and goes on unevenly if not done right or when in a hurry.
Makes picking a blush shade easy (Report Review)
Aug 08, 2011 by writergirl.m
Consumer rating: (5)
Picking makeup shades to suit your skin tone can be really tricky, especially in a drugstore, where there aren't any mirrors for reference and the lights glaring down on you might be strangely tinted and not at all flattering. I have a lot of trouble deciding which colors will look good in the daylight when I'm under those artificial lights.

Lots of drugstore makeup companies have responded accordingly by creating customized lines of makeup, designed to make it easier to select foundation, powder, blush, and more based on a number system. L'Oreal took that concept one step further with the True Match line, which sorts you into three categories: cool, natural, or warm.

This blush is part of the cool-toned collection. I'd say whoever was put in charge of picking the colors and tones, and sorting them out by skin tone, did a wonderful job. This would be an excellent match for any fair-skinned, cool-skinned gal.

It's a nice, soft pink that would look great for any daytime occasion, but could easily be built up for night time. And it's quite bendable, so you don't wind up wearing the visible blush line.

I love that this is a pressed powder, not a loose powder, so it isn't messy. I also love that the pan is very large, so it's easy to swirl a large blush brush over the top and pick up enough powder for my cheeks. Sometimes with smaller blush pans, it's hard to get enough color in one pass for a nice application.

The number of colors for each skin tone? Four. Very limited, but since they're all so lovely, it's hard to argue that there's a need for a wider selection.

I also like how inexpensive this blush turned out to be, since you're really getting a lot of product for your money. I think this pan will probably last me a long time, even with daily use.
Pros:  --System makes picking a shade easy
--Large pan for easy pickup
--Very wearable, natural pink
--Blendable and buildable color
Cons:  --Limited shades

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