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Wolf Range Challenger CHR-4-29-FT22 Stainless Steel Gas Range Product Reviews

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Wolf Range Challenger CHR-4-29-FT22 Stainless Steel Gas Range

Brand: Wolf
Rating: (5.00)
Reviews: 2

Worth every penny (Report Review)
Aug 12, 2011 by LW
Consumer rating: (5)
Usually, i am not a big fun of names and brands. I do not think that one needs to overpay for appliances just because they a featured on covers of magazines. In a case of Wolf appliances i should say though that they worth every penny. Not only they look great , they work as promised. First, cooking on gas is far more enjoyable then with an electrical stove. You can adgust adjust the tempurature momentaraly unlike with electrical stove. BTU output by Wolf range is insane and you can sear or grill steaks or adjust temperature to seamer at no time. I was concerned about cooking with gas oven, because i read that the gas ovens could be less accurate temperature wise then electrical. Nevertheless, i had no problems at all.
Also, i had a number of friends who had Viking range and they are repairing it constantly. I had no such problems with Wolf.
One thing would be great to have though- self clean. Appearance, that and a timer is something that all gas ranges do not have regardless of their make.
Pros:  Looks good;
easy to regulate temperature; very high BTU
Cons:  Because fo high BTU you have to make sure that your kitchen fan has actually enough power to work with Wolf;
All gas appliance will not have all extras of electrical or dual range such as : timer, self-clean
Cook Faster and Bake With Ease With Wolf Range Challenger CHR-4-29-FT22 Stainless Steel Gas Range (Report Review)
Aug 11, 2011 by DanaS
Consumer rating: (5)
If you are looking for a stainless steel gas range for home or restaurant use, the Wolf Range Challenger CHR-4-29-FT22 can be a great choice. It is a free standing gas burner with four cooking elements. It is also equipped with an oven. Over all, the Wolf Range Challenger CHR-4-29-FT22 stainless steel gas range is a great choice because of its functionality and durability. It does not have all the features that a gas range could have but it has the most basic ones so we can still cook different dishes conveniently.
Pros:  One of the pros of the Challenger CHR-4-29-FT22 gas range is its ability to cook food faster than other gas range units. The burners have 26,000 BTU. According to tests, it cooks 30% faster than other gas range units. It can also be used to cook plenty of dishes. It also has a single oven giving us the chance to bake and cook at the same time.

If you are much concerned with aesthetics, you will never be wrong choosing the Challenger CHR-4-29-FT22 gas range. It is made from a mixture of aluminum and steel, which are very strong metals that are even used for constructing buildings. Most parts like the front and side are made from stainless steel so you can expect durability from the sleek and stylish unit. The Wolf Range Challenger CHR-4-29-FT22 stainless steel gas range also has a good width (45 inches) and height (57.5 inches).

Lastly, the Challenger CHR-4-29-FT22 gas range is easy to clean and maintain. The burner heads that can be lifted is a great help for easy cleaning. There is no problem removing the clogs on the burner.
Cons:  The only disadvantage that I can see with the Wolf Range Challenger CHR-4-29-FT22 is that it does not have a self cleaning feature. Nonetheless, it is easy to clean the unit manually.

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