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Zenith 6500 BTU Electronic Room Air Conditioner with Remote Product Reviews

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Zenith 6500 BTU Electronic Room Air Conditioner with Remote

Rating: (4.67)
Reviews: 3

super strong! (Report Review)
Sep 03, 2011 by leslienguyen25
Consumer rating: (5)
This air conditioner is really strong. I bought this air conditioner a couple of years ago and it's still going strong and working perfectly. I don't really need to go in depth about details since other users already did that. I usually set the air conditioner to 60 degrees. After like 10 minutes, it would become really cold so then i would put it up to 70 degrees. it's that strong. and also, it has 3 fan speed which i love. i usually put fan speed #1 and it would be cool. on super hot days, fan speed #2 and #3 would be perfect! and also, from time to time, i take out the lid (it's the one that's easy to open) and would clean out the dust. i think from doing that, it makes the air conditioner running strong and not broken easily.
Pros:  - super strong. after a couple of minutes, the room will be like the temperature you set it
- doesn't cost that much money
- easy to use/set up
Cons:  - like the other user said, it is really loud. when you're watching tv with this, you got to put it louder. but then i got used to it. the sound actually made me go to sleep.
Good (Report Review)
Aug 23, 2011 by Neon
Consumer rating: (4)
This is your standard window air conditioner. I bought this around 3 months ago to prepare for the summer. I recommend anyone who needs a air conditioner or need a new one to get this. This has definitely made the summer bearable and I do not regret buying this. I bought this for $150 from home depot. The temperature can be around 60 to 86, depending on which setting you it put around. I put it at room temp, which is around 67 Fahrenheit. It takes around 10 minutes for the room to be cooled, and after that it won\'t be cooled down anymore and will stay that temperature for the rest of the while it is turned on. It comes with a fan with 3 different speeds, fast, medium, and low. This air conditioner also comes with a timer, which can you set how long the Ac will be turned on until it shuts down. SO you can set it for like 1 hour and then go to sleep. In one hour it will turn off by iyself and you will be hopefully asleep already. The AC is small to a mediums size. It has a \"dry\" mode which acts as a dehumidifier option but uses a lot less energy. It was very easy to install this air conditioner. The manual was very helpful and anyone could have done it, without any help. THe only bad thing about this air conditioner is that it is very very loud. It is probably one of the loudest air conditioner I have ever heard. But I think others would agree that having a temperature that is bearable is a good deal for a loudness that comes with the air conditioner. Overall, I give it 3.5/5, but since I can\'t do .5 i\'ll just round it .
Pros:  GOOd
Cons:  Loud
very good! (Report Review)
Aug 23, 2011 by tanvu
Consumer rating: (5)
I bought this air conditioner for around $150. For the price, i thought it wasn't gonna be that good as others but i was wrong. This air conditioner is super strong. If you leave it on at 60 degrees for about 30 min, it's gonna take effect.
So the options on this air conditioner are Temp, Fan Speed, Timer, Mode, & Energy Saver.
the temp ranges from 60 to 86 degrees. I always put mine at 60 and it gets really cold so I put it at 70ish. That's how good it is.
there's F1, F2, & F3 - F1 is lowest and F3 is highest. Even when you put it on F1, the energy is really strong
i guess you guys know what this is. you just set how many hours your AC go on and after that much time, it shuts down.
there's Dry, Fan, & Cool.
i really don't know what this means, but whenever i set it, it would turn off for awhile and then go backs on. i guess it does save your energy.

MY FINAL THOUGHTS: This is an excellent air conditioner. It's really worth the money. It's powerful and I just love it. It even comes with a remote control HOLDER which I put next to my bed. Really convienent
Pros:  - Powerful
- Lots of settings to choose from
- remote control w/ holder
Cons:  - nothing

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